Reborn as a monstrous cat
3 A night of total madness P.1
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Reborn as a monstrous cat
Author :Darkdevourer
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3 A night of total madness P.1

{POV bandit camp}

"Tonight we will eat like kings and sleep with the best women!" A bandit with a white beard shouted at his comrades who had their hands occupied with jugs of alcohol and some others annoyed the women who were in cages, eager to play with them until the old man spoke again.

"Nobody present is allowed to touch women until I and my children choose ours, then you can all choose who to sleep with!" The old bandit shouted in the air pointing his sword at a couple of large cages that were on the side of the camp.

In that pair of cages there were 15 women who presented some bruises, cuts and hair mixed with the mistreatment they suffered before being captured, almost all of them showed faces of terror and despair because they all knew what would happen to them that night.

"Everyone drink and eat until you're drunk, tomorrow we'll go back to raid more villages!" One of the sons of the bandit Elder shouted raising his cup and his sword.

While most of the bandits in the camp were busy chatting with each other, the women in the cages were slowly devising a plan since they were not ordinary women either, one of them was hidden by forcing the lock of the cage while the others appeared to be scared.

"Keep pretending that soon we can get out of here, when I manage to open this all run to the forest" a young woman with black hair and eyes like diamonds was slowly taking care to unlock a padlock, the same padlock that left them without their freedom.

The bandits continued to drink and celebrate their victory while their leader was drinking happily with their children and sharing their knowledge with other adults bandits close to him.

{Joseph POV}

"I can not see anything and the light of the moon is very little which does not offer much help to my current situation, I should have hidden myself in the forest until dawn!" Joseph told himself as he spoke alone as he walked the lonely road.

Joseph continued walking on the road without stopping for a moment and without worrying about the darkness, since he was able to see in the dark and not feel tired thanks to his new body.

Despite the unlimited stamina the problem of that body was not that it was unable to defend itself since it had no means of attack.

The light of the moon helped Joseph not to force his eyes to try to get used to the little visibility that there was, but in a nearby forest following the same path there was a clear source of light, a clear human signal.

"I thought that night vision would offer something better than this, but it really is not good for much, I can not see more than 10 steps in front of me" Joseph told himself again observing a tree that was close to him counting how many steps would be necessary to know the efficiency of his ability.

The curiosity was stronger than Joseph, so he decided to run until he reached the source where the light came from, as he got closer and closer he decided that it would be better not to show himself directly until he knew who were those who had created such a source of light in the forest.

Using his small body, he decided to take out as much as possible and went between boxes and tents to avoid being found until his vision crossed that of a girl who was locked inside a large cage.


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