Reborn as a monstrous cat
4 A night of total madness P.2
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Reborn as a monstrous cat
Author :Darkdevourer
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4 A night of total madness P.2

{POV of the prisoner}

The young girl with black hair locked in the cage kept trying to open the padlock of the cage until her eyes looked at the strange creature in front of her.

A strange colored cat which gave off a kind of greenish color in the air as if it were some kind of smell and a bony tail with a few hairs on the tip.

When she observed the face of the cat, the girl threw herself back against the other girls, dropping the small wire to the floor, losing her only chance to open the lock.

At moment the black haired girl hit her back against the other women they turned their heads to trying to find out what was happening and the only thing they managed to observe was the black haired girl totally paralyzed with fear.

The women locked in the cage immediately looked at the door of the cage and approached to it at that moment a small hairy cat paw with long nails approached and left the small wire on the floor of the cage.

One of the women was ahead of the others and observed that there was close to the door until her eyes crossed with a strange cat with scars on his face and it was pulled back like the first of the girls.

The young girl presented the same face full of fear that the first, no one dared to approach to see that it was outside the cage, so they simply all remained quiet and silent as it seemed that what there was outside was much worse than own bandits.

{POV Change}

The old bandit continued to ingest alcohol and food until the screams of the girls could not be heard which made him worry that any of the vermin present had done something to them.

Which would show that he was unable to maintain his authority, the old bandit threw the cup to the ground and stood up and went to the cage to inspect because there was so much silence.

The old bandit walked in a clumsy way since he had drunk too much and also the camp in front of him was a total disaster where there was food, people and weapons lying on the ground.

Making it impossible to walk correctly and avoid stumbling a few times on your way to the cage.

"By The Goddess Aligra, these bastards are a disaster when it comes to alcohol." The old bandit said with a frown on his forehead starting to get upset about so many things in front of him but thanks to his determination he managed to reach the cage, but he noticed that none of the girls inside the cage was looking in the direction from which he came, as If there was something that was more scary than him.

{POV Change}

Joseph saw in the distance that the old bandit was heading to the cage, so he would have to think of a plan to help the girls locked up, although he should also think of a plan to create a distraction to prevent the bandits from noticing when the girls were running.

Joseph had no plans and the old man was getting closer and closer until his only option was to go under the carriage with the cage and think quickly about a plan.

Joseph was hidden under the cage and the girls were still in the same position because they did not know if the creature that was on the other side of the cage was still there, so they decided not to risk approaching.

"What the hell is going on with all of you? Did they all see a ghost?" the old bandit said hitting the cage a couple of times with his hand, causing the girls to become aware of their situation again.

Joseph looked at the legs of the old man and then looked at his little cat's foot, making out his nails which were not very large, "I hope it serves as I hope" said Joseph, drawing his paw towards the bandit's leg.

"What was that??" one of the girls in the cage noticed something that emitted a luster level in the forest, and she could not avoid saying it's making the bandit distract and turn around to observe where she was looking, that was a perfect moment as Joseph saw an opportunity to make the bandit fall.

Joseph slowly approached his cat's paw with his nails stretched and ready to cut the right calf of the bandit, but could not get the doubts out of his head because he did not know if they would be enough to incapacitate the bandit.

At that time the bandit felt a strange pain in his leg and fell with all his weight to the ground, the old man watched his calf cut and bleeding and with both hands pressed the wound, trying to avoid bleeding, but he still did not realize that there was someone more with him.


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