Reincarnation of the Outsider
5 Hollywood Town Hunting
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Reincarnation of the Outsider
Author :shakib
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5 Hollywood Town Hunting

As I head out I start thinking about what route I should take.

I am still at my hometown Silver Town, which is located south of Indigo Plateau, south-west of Viridian City, near the sea area and south-east of Mt. Silver. I've decided I'm not going to battle my home town Gym since I don't Qualify. The gym leader only accepts battles from those who has 8 badges with two level 8 badges or more. The plus point about this badge is that you can skip the Preliminary Phase of the Indigo league. The Gym hardly has any battles due to this rule and no one winning it for the last 5 Leagues.

The badges and gyms are something different from what I can remember from the game. You can only challenge a single gym twice a year and the minimum level you can challenge has to be the higher level gym badge you have. So if you have a level 2 badge you can only challenge for a level 3 badge.

'Navi, what are my options in going to Pallet Town? I want to optimize my training as well.'

[You have 2 options.]

[Go to via Route to Holllywood Town => Viridian City => Pallet Town. Current Path Danger Level : 50.]

[ Go on whatever off route path you choose. You can't get lost, you have a map of the whole world. Path Danger Level : ???]

I think I will just take the bus for now since Professor Oak is waiting for me. I traveled to Hollywood Town on the bus. This town almost grew into a city but due mismanagement of funds and putting all their investment in a single sector it failed miserably. This town is slowly becoming a ghost town and is an example to all management level in organisations what could happen when you put all your eggs in one basket.

As I walk towards the Pokémon Center I somtimes see wild Pokémon running through out the town. All types Pokémon that can be found in the near by route can sometimes be seen in like that Meowth running on 2 legs. Wait a minute Meowth is supposed to run in four legs, don't tell me I in the anime universe with Ash Ketchum.

[Ok, I won't]


'Navi that question was not ment to be answered.'

<Hollywood Town Pokemon Center>

"Hello, can you tell me where the trainer center is at" I asked Nurse Joy, who looks like she is about 20 years old, while looking around to seeing no other counter.

"You must be new here. We don't have a separate trainer center here due to some problems. What can I help you with?" Nurse Joy Replied.

"Oh, Ok I just started my journey from Silver Town" I replied in suprise. This town must be degrading to a village standard for something like this to happen. "I wanted to see is there any requests or tasks available for a Level 1 Rank F trainer here"

"Yes, there is only one repeatable task which catching the wild Pokémon in the town. For everyone caught the town is willing to buy it off you at 50% of the market Cost and about 10% of in in Trainer Points" replied Nurse Joy

"This task, It's a loss project isn't it" I asked in a confused look. The it should have been minimum 70% of the market cost.

'Navi check how many catchable Pokemon are in this town and is it in my range'

[There are 132 wild Pokemons in the town and you can get max 65000 Pokedollars profit and 130 points]

"I'm sorry but there is not much I can do as the town administration has lowered the payout of this quest" Nurse Joy said with a embarrassed face "I can at most give you a replacement Pokeball for all the pokemon caught and I won't deduct from your yearly allowance of free healing and overnight boarding and meal for the duration you are here"

Ah, Nurse Joy embarrassed face looks so cute but to bad I my current body haven't hit puberty yet. You know what Professor Oak can wait a few extra days. "Ok, I'll take the task then. Don't worry I'll catch all the wild Pokemons in this town" I said handing her my trainer card to register the task in my name

I then asked for my to my room number and went to my room. I release both my Pokemons to update them.

"Ok listen up, we have a small task to from tomorrow. This town has about 122 wild Pokemons that are weaker than you and about ten that is a little stronger then you guys. Our job is to catch them all but if you are in danger you are allowed to kill them. This will not be like the battles you fought before as it will not be a fair fight so anything goes but try not hurt them too much as I will try to sell them for our living expenses" I said to them. Mewtwo nodded while Gastly look a bit confused until Mewtwo clear up her confusion.

I turn my focus on Gastly and started explaining to her what I expected from her. "Ok Gastly I have your primary roll set for my team. You will be some what like a shadow guardian and assassin for me. You will be responsible for preventing me from getting ambushed or help me escape when I'm in trouble. That's why I need you to be very strong and don't evolve until I tell you to. You have to refine your self to be the strongest Gastly before you evolve into a Hunter. From tomorrow you will be invisible and practice battling in that state. I hope bone day you can be my soul guardian as well. Keep on getting stronger, I'm counting on you!"

When Gastly finally understood what I said she keeps on dancing around me and gave me a couple of licks to show her appreciation. I also felt our connection increase. 'Navi show me Gastly connection status.'

[Connection strength : 70%. Loyalty : 90%]

Wow I guess the pep talk increased Gastly liking to me. I think it started to doubt herself in her position on my team after seeing Mewtwo in action. Now she is reassured I won't just forget about her.

Ok now it's time to explain Mewtwo his roll. "Mewtwo I expect you be my heavy hitter. I know you have the potential to fight Legendaries and Disaster Grade Pokemon maybe even levels greater than that. That's why I won't use you as much when our team gets bigger as well as why you need to be very strong. I've created a place where you can have simulation battles against other powerful from pokemon an I expect you to train as much as possible. I know you've both learned there are always higher peek. For tomorrow task onwards I want you learn to lower your Grade to lower levels at will and control your power. I've noticed your have problems with controling your power as well so make sure practice well. I don't want to a target to be pointed you as long as possible due to your potential and power."

Mewtwo just nodded in response.

'Navi, use [Hack] skill to improve Mewtwo's ability to control his grade until I say so or it is completed.'

<Next Day Around Hollywood Town : Evening Time>

"Ok guys this is the last batch we will catch for today so be careful. They should be in this abandoned building. I know you are a little tired but let's finish today in a good note." I tell my pokemon as I gave them the sign to moving on the targets as they see fit. As both my Pokemons enter the building they became a target of a shower of pin missiles. Mewtwo and Gastly flinch due to an unexpected attack and as some pin missiles bypass them almost scratching me I take control again.

"What are you guys doing. Mewtwo use Barrier and Gastly use Psychic to stop the missiles" I yelled. As they responds to my commands I quickly look in my map to see what am I up against. I see 4 female Nidorans and 3 male Nidorans spread out and one Nidorano in the floor above. "Mewtwo Ice Beam 80 degree above becareful with the building support beams. Gastly in your assassin mode and start attacking Nidorans along with crowd control." Gastly turns invisible and starts attacking when she can while protecting me. Mewtwo in the meanwhile sends an Ice Beam while Nidorano Jumps down trying to hit him with a horn attack with gravity in its support. The two attacks meet each other and Nidorano slammed into the other side wall. Seeing that the some of the Nidorans switched attack to poison sting I barked my orders. " Mewtwo use swift at the Nidorans, Gastly focus more in crowd control then attacking." Nidorano recovered from Mewtwo's attack and Mewtwo finishing it's swift attacks.

"Mewtwo use psychic on the Nidorano to weaken him and then use thunder wave to Paralyze as many as them you can and Gastly don't let the Nidorans get away start use confuse ray to confuse them." After the attack combo finishes I throw some pokeballs to catch the wild Pokemons that looked weakened enough and I had Gastly retrieve them for me. Look at how this group of pokemon acted and how my Pokemons we kind of ambushed in the beginning of the battle, the wild Pokemons have started to act in groups and more organized after I caught 32 of them. Now with 40 of them caught I started heading back to the Pokemon Center. 'Show me the generic status of my Pokemons'

[Gastly - Level - 18 - Grade - 4]

[Mewtwo - Level - 20 - Grade - 9 (Display 8)]

Gastly and Mewtwo comes near me worried about my minor injuries. Gastly is very down that couldn't do it's job properly to guard me and Mewtwo down because he flinched due.

"Don't worry about it. We will have a review our on our performance tonight." I said to them and returned Mewtwo to his pokeball.

"Gastly focus on being invisible around me, we will head back to the Pokemon Center now". As Gastly turn invisible I start walking to the Pokemon Center thinking about the days events.

I was prone to get injuries and tired out more easily and I've been skipping out on my physical fitness. If I actually been more focused on improving myself then I could have dodged that pin missile attack. Also thanks to Mewtwo I've developed minor Psychic powers but never trained them. I should start training myself more with my Pokemons else I may die as I move on to a bigger stage.

I entered the Pokemon center and go to talk to Nurse Joy when I see a woman around talking to her. As I move forward and get ready wait in line I hear Nurse Joy calling me forward and asks me how can she be of any service today.

"Yes, I like to hand in 14 more pokemon caught in the town. Please add everything to my account." I tell Nurse Joy as I give her the Pokeballs and my trainer card. She takes them and goes to update my information and account.

"That's a lot of pokemon you caught, 14 in a day" the woman tells me try to start a conversation.

"It's actually 40 today" I replied.

"Wow you must be a strong trainer. Are you here to challenge the new Hollywood Gym that's opening up tomorrow?" she asks.

"No, I didn't know that Hollywood Town has a Gym" I said giving her a confused look.

"Then come tomorrow around 11 am you can be the first challenger" she says and then leave the Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy comes back 5 minutes later and tells me how much she appreciates me helping the town. She also tells me that she has some bad news as well as good news.

"The good news is that the town and pokemon league has decided to give you 40000 Pokedollars + expenses and 70 trainer point. Also they raised your rank to D for your efforts. The bad news is that your current task has been cancelled due to the new gym opening. This task is now the gyms responsibility." she says in a informative way. "Don't worry about I keep my promise of not deducting from your allowance for your remainder of your stay here"

<A while later>

I now gathered both my Pokemons and began giving my analysis of the days work.

"Ok guys we did very well today expect for our last hunt. Mewtwo you did a good job putting into action the strategies you've learned. Gastly you also did a good job getting into your roll in my team for the first day. Everything went well until we were ambushed by the Nidorans and Nidorano. You guys only got caught because you were not thinking ahead. Say if you guys used your Psychic Powers to create a domain around you and use that feed back to get a better notice of the surroundings then the last hunt mistakes would not have occurred. " I lectured.

I sighted and continued in a milder tone "I have some faults as well in this as I haven't been training thus I will be joining you as well. This way Gastly will be less pressured and keep herself. "

"Tomorrow we will have our first gym battle so let's rest up for tonight I'll be counting on you guys so let's rest for tonight"


Gastly (F) - LV - 18 - Genetic Potential Grade - 4

Mewtwo - LV - 20 - Genetic Potential Grade - 9 (Display 7)


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