Salvation under shadows
68 And the story began
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Salvation under shadows
Author :Edenjo_Shades
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68 And the story began

After the sudden initiation, the moment was oddly silent but emitting screams of shock in minds.

Iven's face was worth watching as he kept gaping with strange eyes and blushed enormously, contrasting to himself. Seb only chuckled at his amused self but didn't say a word. Iven slowly touched his lips, still trying to feel the sensation of her taste and doubting himself if something like that actually happened.

"Belle?", he asked in a low tone.

"It's the answer which was needed to settle you", Seb brushed off her hair, "Don't you think you can bully me each time you want".

She was directing at all the time when Iven actually chased her and took her on, off guard. Even her feelings were clear too, she had never expressed it out loud. She always let him have it his own way. But not being a mind reader, Iven needs to know her insides so that he ends up with a conclusion with the consequences of his next action. If she made herself clear enough, he'll hesitate himself and try to keep her feelings before her safety. Because it seems meaningless if they are not together for the crisis they face. With Seb's step as so small as this, it's going to have a huge outcome.

"Is this what you want?", Iven asked looking intensely.

"This is what exactly what we both want", Seb cleared, "Don't you?"

Seb looked and grinned at his startled face, unable to get a grip on the situation. She took hold of the lead and said, "Finally I get to top you, at least mentally".

Iven finally looked at her with his usual sharp gaze, but this time with a devilish smirk accompanied. That explains that he is plotting something unhealthy and Seb feared that a lot. It was the outcome of his 'Lucifer' attire. When that personality takes over, it's a no way escape. Seb hid her freak and tried to keep her calm. His face wasn't the least appeasing!

"Huh!!!", he chuckled, "It's a thousand years too early for you to think that".

That complete small line was enough to run over Seb. Her face disappeared as her guard was off. It was the usual person she knew, but somehow it didn't give her the relieve!

"If that's what you think I want, then neither I'm gonna hold back and let you get away with this", saying Iven, shifted himself with an electrifying speed as he approached his hand towards Seb's face and grabbed her nape. She didn't even see it coming.

All she faced was a pair of dark eyes in front of hers which made her gasp and flinch, but not yet in the situation to let go of her. Iven had pulled near to himself to the level where their faces were only few centimeters apart. Seb closed her eyes tight shut.

"Open them and stop resisting", commanded Iven, "Isn't this what you said we want?".

"But…but…", Seb fumbled," …I'm still unwell".

Iven only replied it with a smile.

"Come here", he whispered.

His eyes were closed too. Their lips were pull up closer to gap up the remaining distance. It was almost brushing against each other. Iven's breath was getting warmer. Seb whereas held her breath, unable to read him.

She felt a chill through her spines as Iven finally opened his mouth and covered on her lips. He was in need of it, and decided to leave any gentleness behind.

Seb tried to pull back," …. Iven …. I….".

Iven immediately cut her off with his cold voice and warm breath," Give in today Belle…...don't run away".

Saying he started sucking on to her lips, savoring her taste to the core. Seb was lost after hearing such a voice. She couldn't help but truly give in. Her hands went up for the balance and caught up in the moment, as it pressed against Iven's hard chests. Iven caught hold one of her wrists and jerked her even closer to himself, as he kissed to the level where she is unable to even breath. Seb helplessly breath in him, and he greedily took it all in. It was addictive for him! This passionate wonder, didn't seem to end for several moments. They got completely faded into the oblivion of each other's arms.

When Seb couldn't hold on to her position any more, Iven noticed and immediately let go. She exhaled heavily and recapitulated the moments. Iven just licked his lower lips, generating a dirty look at Seb, trying to make her look annoyed. It worked!

"You bite while kissing", he said as a stimulator.

"What nonsense!", Seb beamed out.

Iven yet again bit his lowers slightly and said, "It feels great, seems like my type of fetish".

"You're full of lust!", Seb looked away.

"I'm a man after all….and…", Iven said," …. don't complain since you triggered it. It's your fault!".

-You looked so broken back there, I thought I could break it off.

-Good, you succeeded!

-That was too much.

-Not for me. Unexpected, but you lifted a huge burden off me.

-Did I?

-If you didn't want me anymore, I would have accepted it. But I wouldn't have been able to live with it.

-You know you don't have to.

Iven looked at her with shiny eyes.

Seb said again, "did I make it clear enough? What I want? And what I don't?"

"What you don't?", Iven asked.

-…. don't bring up the past that's already over.

-Not bringing it up doesn't erase it.

-Yes, but at least it'll start fading if we both don't let it in between, right?

-You think I can?

-I think we can!

Saying Seb caressed Iven's cheeks as he embraced it joyously. She could help him ease his pain of guilt of making him suffer or injuring his brother, is to show that she doesn't mind it at all. Only then, he can let go.

"Are you willing to be with me?", Iven asked, "because I really love you!". He admitted it firmly.

Seb was amused by it as she turned soft, "Until you let go of me...coz I do too".

"If that's' the case, I will keep you locked up and not let you leave ever", Iven reached over and held her in his arms. For the time, she was locked in his hug.

Seb could only give a shrugged smile. He really needs her! Even if she wanted, she knows she cannot let go of him.

A bright streak of light fell in Seb's room through the night window gaining attention.

They both looked out in amazement. It was an enormously large shooting star flying swiftly. It brightened everything up in the dark night. It also lit up Seb and Iven's faces. It felt like the perfect moment in centuries.

"Pretty!", Seb commented.

"Very!", added Iven looking at Seb's glowing eyes.

"Did you wish again?", she asked.

"I don't need anything else", Iven said, "you?".

"Me….well, all are fulfilled for the time I guess", a blushful smile spread on her face.


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