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Soul of the Primordial Remanent
Author :LordSlayer
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35 Restriction

"Read not further into this Unknown Unusual; though, I understand your concerns, Rais; especially, when the world seems against you," understanding Rais's recent dismays, he replied in an insuring manner.

"When I first awoke within this place, the same day, you came into being; merely composed of orbs of spiritual memory." Watching Rais's stay silent, he continued.

"I always wanted to speak to you, Rais; over the years, I watched your shackled spiritual body on the floor. Continuously lying unconscious, except when you entered the visionary state of sinking into my memory. Knowing the agony, I merely watched you suffer, with no means to lessen or share the burden."

"Sorry, Rais," he emphasized his frustration.

"During these years, I absorbed much of your spiritual force, resulting in me obtaining your features. Although, I wish not to; just that my mere existence within this world restricts me, thus I remain powerless to reveal my true appearance to you. If that bothers you, I will adjust my appearance to a different person, if you observe that person's spiritual force."

Everything uttered sounded unusual to Rais, he failed to fathom the circumstance, shattering his current understanding of the world. Although he had yet to see anything, the world seemed immeasurable and mystifying. He questioned his being, sinking him into further turmoil.

"Change of appearance sounds great, It's awkward talking over a mirror," Rais snapped from his confused reflection.

Catching Rais's disposition, he responded only with an understanding smile; however, this made Rais want to punch his naturally smug face over and over again.

"Rais, you were saying something about the name on the floor."

"What name?" To obtain additional context, Rais acted slightly confused.

"Since this soul place is yours, you should be able to find your name within the list of runes."

"Those characters are not some strange runes; but a substantial list of names; however, once I divert my gaze, I merely retain a couple in my head."

"That's impossible! There should only be a single name. Damn it, damn my memory! There must be an explanation, but why can't I remember?" Regarding his utter confusion, Rais felt elated, sharing a little of his bewilderment.

"Maybe, your name is also inscribed here! Is it Aisaron Fios Nazarc? I did hear you say Aisaron Fios, though I assumed you were addressing me?"

The boy laughed, "naturally, I addressed you; since that's your actual name. The name Rais; I found that out within that mysterious forest when you stated it for the divine tree.

"You can overhear what I say. Also, if that's my name, why does mom call me Rais?"

Rais speculated why Rais was part of the second name; while he began reasoning, he knew nothing about himself. Although Rais considered, what this person, who resembled him, uttered only lies, though that's the assumption he formed from the beginning. However, the lingering doubt within his mind kept telling him that, everything this boy revealed, represents the truth. If only, there was a way to perceive this person's thoughts.

"Well, Fios, you do lack the contexts of numerous ominous situations around you. A different name makes sense if you could comprehend your parent's capability; from the little I witnessed, they are not some nobodies. As for if I can perceive the outside world, definitely not; each time, I attempted to peer out into the world, I damaged part of my soul, but the forest seems to be an odd exception."

While listening to his explanation, Rais realized he could read The Unnamed's thoughts. "So, he wasn't kidding when he said I can do anything with my mind." Rais gazed up once more, beholding the imposing spectacle, while he thought, "The unnamed did tell me the truth all along. It's baffling that something so unbelievable resided within my soul."

"I understand; since The Unnamed resides within my soul place, why not reveal your name?"

"I mentioned this earlier, that I restrained from revealing my appearance, nor can I speak of my name because a divine force restricts me. If I tried revealing anything, I would damage my soul."

Rais became confused by the notion of restriction, The Unnamed continue to bring up. The concept made zero sense to him until he remembered heaven and the world law mentioned by his mother.

"This reminds me of the world consciousness, that monster, it has hands in your restriction?"

"I doubt that the calamity of a monster you marked, serves merely as a World Spirit; If I were you, even in my prime, I would never step upon this world again. However, no, only world laws governed by whatever that monster signifies, remains unable to restrict me."

Noticing the golden crystalline chain contracting in the presence of a supreme aura, Rais became alarmed.
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"I remain restricted because my existence goes against the divine laws. First, I had died in a battle; hence, my soul should never exist within the material world, yet somehow here I stand upon its door. Since we will be working together, I will tell you some basic things about myself. I will need your help afterward; otherwise, I will disappear forever."


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