The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
15 Ch 14 - Older Sisters Fear and Hope
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The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse
Author :Khyffinir
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15 Ch 14 - Older Sisters Fear and Hope

[House Samuel]

Samuel cooked a fine lunch for him to the two covenants.

His plan was easy and simple, conquering Candsy to reach the heart of his mother Mary.

The little girl's plate was decorated with lots of color to make it look nice and pleasant.

He used several different groceries to have a healthy meal.

Candsy when she received the dish was smiling. Her dish was so beautiful she did not know if she could eat.

At the table Samuel was on the left, Candsy in the middle and Mary on the right. Like a family in a common day-to-day lunch.

Many things were on the table that Mary thought that even before the apocalypse she never had a table with so many things.

She was very grateful for how Samuel treated her. Besides how he was spoiling his daughter.

Mary had already realized most of Samuel's intentions, as if she wanted to please Candsy so that she would be happy too.

But he did not get angry at it, many tried to conquer it and he would have to work even harder. Only a premonition that he would move the world for her was in his heart.

Lunch passed pleasantly, with smiles and happiness at the table.


From the outside the people were getting dressed as they could to have housing and food for the rest of the day.

Samuel left that day as a vacation home, he would be charged the next day.

But it was not so holy to let someone choose a mansion to spend today just having money for a tent the next day.

Everything was described for the individuals not being smartmen.


[Leased Bedroom]

In one of the rented dormitories were two identified girls (twins) dismantling some electrical devices like cell phones and portable computers.

"That's so ... this .. now may work .. haha" (Sophie) was excited about her inventions.

Christina was by her side opening a kind of glowing capsule (needless to say, nothing good had happened) while she did not even care about what her sister was doing.

"Look .. look .. Christina look .. I got it" (Sofia) excited called her sister who does not pay attention to her.

Sophie snorted as her sister toyed with her capsule, even when she had invented a way to plug the computer into the battery of the cellar that only needed solar power to work.


Sofia knocked the capsule down from her sister's hand.

"What ... SOFIAAAA ... what are you doing, my god?" (Christina) yelled at her.

"You do not pay attention to me .. look how many times I've called you" (Sofia) huff.

Meanwhile the capsule began to shine brighter.

"Sophie .. I'm busy .. this is a source of energy that can be very fort." (Christina) was going to talk until everything was clear.


A small explosion occurred in the room that can be heard by many.

The iron capsule exploded.

Lucky the energy contained was not too much or could be fatal to them.

Leaving the bedroom with the black faces of the smoke, they lift their heads to see someone standing in front of them.

Your legs tremble as you recognize the person and remember their actions.


Samuel even had lunch with his eyes on everyone at the base.

And she knew what the two sisters were doing and also knew that something would go wrong, since they were both famous in the city.

Two twin sisters who were considered geniuses of the new age.

They created some good inventions, but they were better known for the disasters they caused and many lab explosions.


He heard the sound.

That scared Candsy a bit and Mary just frowned.

"Do not worry little, it's just two older sisters who are kind of idiots" (Samuel) caressed her head. He got up and left for the blast site.


When he arrives he barely holds back the laughter.

In front of him two girls a little older than him, their faces all smoky.

They seemed terrified of his arrival.

"Sorry .. sorry .. please .. sorry" (Sophie) was almost crying and on her knees ja.

Christina was not much better because the fear of death consumed her.

"We can leave .. do not kill us .. please .. my sister and I can do anything .. even if you want .. we are still pure .. swiff swiff" (Christina) was even more desperate.

Samuel looked at the two incredulous. He knew he had been cruel before, but not so much.

The two even wanted to give their purity to him to live.

He looked at them thinking they were geniuses and at the same time very dumb.

"Do not worry Miss Carter, I know you and your courage" (Samuel) tried to calm them down so as not to cause more commotion on the street.

They both stopped crying with the sweet tone of this terrifying thing to them.

"I'm going to take you to my house .. my base needs people to manage the development of technology" (Samuel) said and turned to leave.

He would use anyone useful to develop his STORE.

And raising your family with two beautiful older sisters would be good for keeping your humanity.

Enjoying the love and affection of a large family.

The always was a hole in your heart.


The two followed their backs and walked back.

Still scared.

Still shocked at his words.

Cleaning the tears.

And with hope in the heart.


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