The Soul Ferryman
1 No .444 Convenient Store 1
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The Soul Ferryman
Author :Sally_1995
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1 No .444 Convenient Store 1

According to the buddhist scriptures, there are five types of eyes in the world.

The heavenly eye, the discerning eye, the dharma eye, the Buddha eye, the naked eye.

The eyes of the flesh are darkened; they can see the things nearby but and cannot find out what exist far away,they can see the front but cannot see the behind. they see light, and but not see darkness.

Does what you see, what you believe, really exist?

The night was so silent,a couple in the street was very attractive,the boy held out a brunch of rose,he smiled to the girl and kissed her. Their intimacy attract Xia dong qing to stop. However,at the moment the girl turned around,her face looked white and the blood was gradually pouring from her eyes ,this cannot be seen by naked eyes.

My name is Xia dong qing,24 years old,I graduated from University and i am urgent in need of a part time job. I have a secret,i can see the ghosts that cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Dong qing lived in a very old apartment,this evening,he started to eat instant noodles and then find out the job in website. He was very upset and disappinted because he was rejected and the resume was also returned. He looked at the computer ,staring and thinking ,no one will find a person like him who is very poor ,not handsome without any personality. He sighed and walked towards the toliet,when he looked at the mirror what he did not want to see appeared again but he get used to it for many years.

At this moment,the voice of the message ring,the tone said:"you have a new message."

He was so excited to check the email and it shows a map of a store called No 444,the location was also attached. Xia dong qing read the words with his small voice said welcome to No 444 store. The next day,Dong qing begin his part time job in this store. His colleague played a joke and said to him: are you afraid when the night comes, i heard this store is so strange." Dong Qing asked him and replied:"what do you mean?" the boy laughed to Dong qing ,"the ghost will appear at night at 12pm,you a re on the night shift,good luck!"

Now is 12 pm,it is so quit outside, No 444 store was seemed to be covered by the fog, a hand appears on the glass of the windows.

At the same time, a fashion girl with short hair tapped Dong qing's shoulder ,she said hello to him and asked "Hey, do you find a boy who is about 5 years old and disappeared right away." Dong qing is not interested in what she said and point out the direction in front of the door. The girl was excited and greeting to the little boy:Hey,you are here!" " I found him just nearby,i believe he got lost." the girl said. She let the boy seat in the store when Dong qing heat the kanto spoil cook which is made from meatballs . She said to Dong qing :i will ask him to remind him where he live.

The little boy smiled and looked at the food,the girl said to him:" can you tell your name to this elder brother?" He laughed and said :"i am Doudou. everyone call me doudou."

The girl continue to ask:"where is your home?" "I live in a very small house with a archway."said by the little boy.

I think it is a good idea to send this child to local police station." Dong qing frowned.

"i am waiting for my mother here,my mother tell me she will back soon ."said by doudou

Dong qing have a idea that is to send the child to the police tomrrow and he continued his work. The girl feel boring and introduced herself. "i am Wang Xiao ya,you look so nice,can we make freinds?" Xiao ya is very happy. Dong qing seemed to embrassed,"it is so late now,why do not go home?your parents will feel worried." said Dongqing.

"Do you have friends who you can talk with?" Xiao ya asked Dong qing.

"i am alone when i was young,i never had friends". Dong qing relied.

Wang Xiao ya:you look so boring,it is not strange you do not have freinds

"every one scard me."Xia dong qing said peacefully. However,at this moment his eye looks so scared it looks like specter. Xiao ya not care it and asked him:"Can i use this computer?i want to find the small house with

archeway said by doudou just now". when she find the news,the title is very attractive:a five-year-old boy was involved in the car accident on east street. Xiao ya recoiled in a horror. She cannot believe what she see right now,the photo online shows a little boy lie on the street with blood who is actually doudou,appeared in No 444 store!"a small house with archway…can you imagine what it is?the small house is tomb…the archway is the casket which store ashes of dead ." Dong qing just listen what xiao ya said and keep slient. Xiao ya continue to ask:"do you konw the night when the soul of the dead will back?" it is also called the first 7 night,doudou is so young that cannot reincarnate,so his soul back tonight. Can you find doudou now?i am afraid."The time of this news is 7 days ago. Dong qing look towards where doudou seat,he was not here,seemed to disappeared but appeared in another place in the store,his smile looks strange."

When Xiao ya suspect doudou is ghost,doudou's mother push the door and embrace him. Xiao ya was relieved,doudou said goodbye to dong qing and xiaoya but his mother said :" where is the sister?here is only one boy in the store."

Dong qing said:"this news you only read a half,you take a closer look at the unread pages."

The second half said the girl save the boy and hited by the car,the girl is Xiao ya.

Dong qing see through what happaned and continue to listen to her.

"I still remember,at night,doudou and his mother was burning the paper money,i was walking on the street and pick up the money."

Dong qing open the cash register and found the money is diffirent,it is a money from hell valued 100billion. He said to xiao ya without any surprise,today is your first 7 night,doudou and his mother is burning the paper money to express thier thanks to you. you are the ghost.

oh my god!how can i died?Xiao ya shake her head. What dong qing imagine all the ghost are horrible,in his mind,Xiao ya might wear a white dress who looks like sadako in the ring,or she could also wear red dress and appears suddenly in No 444 store. However,Xiao ya is dead and become the ghost ,she did not have awareness.

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