The Soul Ferryman
2 No.444 convenient store 2
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The Soul Ferryman
Author :Sally_1995
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2 No.444 convenient store 2

Why don't you go home? Dong Qing looked at xiaoya sympathetically.

"You don't understand, if you had such a mother like me, you wouldn't want to go back. When I was eight years old, they divorced. I grew up with relatives. "Xiaoya smiled sarcastically.

"I'll be here half a year."she said as she picked up a bucket of instant noodles and put it left .""Tomorrow, I'll be there for three months".Xiaoya take the instant noodles and put them on the right side. Then she began to cry: "she did not love me at all."

At this moment,a white jeep stopped at the door of the convenience store, and a mysterious man in a dark suit and sunglasses came in. Xia dongqing said welcome to him!The man ignore him and he just went to the cash register.Dong qing asked, "hey, what are you doing?" The man picked up the scanner and scanned the beer as he replied, "I'm the night shift attendant here, zhao Li. your new colleague." Dong qing did not believe it: "no way, the boss stipulated that I was the only one here on the night shift. "

When the cash register opened, zhao covered the register with his hand, took out ten yuan from his pocket and put it into the register. Then he pointed to the clerk's list behind him.

Zhao Li picked up the paper money on the table and said, "this is a mess. why don't you tidy it?"Wang xiaoya looked at the man with black cloth in front of him, and said to xia dongqing: "there is a cheat, you see his car, see his clothes, how can he be a waiter in a convenience store?"

Wang xiaoya looked at Zhao Li and waved to him and said, "he is so handsome and rich,If I'm not dead, I'll take him down!" Zhao Li passed xiaoya without any response. He put on his apron and looked at the news of the car accident. He said quietly, "this girl is not dead. The media set a good example in order to steal the news and write she is aready dead."

"How do you know? "Dong qing asked the zhao Li.

"I know everything. Oh, I mean, i know the person in the hospital." Zhao's tone was dismissive.

"How is she now?" asked by Dong qing

"Now ,she's in a vegetative state, just unconscious." Dong qing is confused.Zhao Li continued:"a vegetative state is one in which all bodily functions are normal. Another theory is that the soul cannot find the body." Dong qing said happily to xiao ya that you were not dead.

"Nothing," said dong qing. go on." zhao li said, "this girl is in some danger,she will not wake up forever if her soul cannot return to the body before the dawn."

On hearing this, Dong qing could not bear it any longer. He took off his apron and said to zhao, "I'm sorry, but I have something urgent to do. He took xiaoya's hand and ran to the hospital. Zhao Li shouted: "the boss has a rule, leave without permission for one hour, fired." Zhao Li did not hear him. She looked at his back as he walked away.


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