The Soul Ferryman
3 No 444 convinent store 3
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The Soul Ferryman
Author :Sally_1995
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3 No 444 convinent store 3

Xia Dong qing and wang xiaoya came to the hospital's intensive care unit, dong qing said to her: "it is here, go back to your body quickly. "I don't want to go back," Xiao ya said, shaking her head with disappointment. "No one loves me when I'm alive. I'm alone. Dong qing shook his head and said :"loneliness. Do you know what true loneliness is? I grew up in an orphanage, and I can see ghosts!" Dong qing's mind conjured up images of him as a child, hiding in a corner as other children crowded him out and called him a liar. He leaned helplessly against the wall and continued, "I have no family, no friends, no one to love me, no one to understand me, I am alone every day. Sometimes, after a long time, I wonder whether I am a ghost or a human. Dong qing said

Xiaoya lowered her head guiltily and said sorry to Dong qing."Xiaoya,in our life , except for the sleep, you don't have so much time. You should live a valuable life and be responsible for your own life. If you don't cherish yourself, why should others love you and understand you? Only by living can there be hope." Dong qing encouraged her. Xiaoya didn't say anything and then dong qing takes her into the room. Her mother sat in front of the bed, watching her daughter close her eyes. Dong qing's arrival brought her out of her sadness. She said:"You must be a good friend to see her ,it is so late now"

Xia dongqing politely replied, "I'm really sorry. I just heard about it and came here. How is she now?"

"Every day for the seven days, I've been hoping she wakes up." Wang xiaoya's mother said sadly. She said, sobbing as she held tight to xiaoya's hand "I divorced with her father a long time ago. Because xiaoya, I never remarried. I was desperately trying to make money so that she could accept a good education but i ignore her. " After hearing her mother's words, xiaoya cried and was full of apologies.

Xiaoya's mother poured out her heart to her daughter on the hospital bed: "xiaoya, if there is a future, I will be like other mothers, holding my daughter's hand, listening to her heart, wake up, child. " She began to cry and xiaoya was moved to tears. She said to Dong qing, "thank you."

Xiaoya's soul slowly began to become transparent, slowly into a light, returned to his body. The girl in the bed opened her eyes slowly. Dong qing was relieved to see this,he was so happy to save the life and he walk towards No 444 store.

When he returned to the convenience store, he heard zhao's voice: "is everything finished?"

"Well, finished, i am sorry ,just a hurry

leave, can you help me? Don't tell the boss because this job is important to me." Dong qing said. Zhao Li did not answer directly, but said, "is the girl awake?"

Dong qing replied happily, "she's awake." He suddenly felt wrong and asked, "no, how do you know there is a girl?"

"I know everything," zhao Li said with a smile. "I also know that she is still alive because she will meet you." Dong qing looked at this strange man and asked, "who are you?"

Zhao li stood up, stared at dong qing and answered, "the night shift attendant, zhao li are you familiar with me?i give you the eyes… i give you the eyes." The voice was like a ghost, repeating itself in xia dongqing's mind. He looked at the clerk's list on the wall and saw that the picture of zhao was changing rapidly and his name was gone. When he looked back again, he was alone in the convenience store and zhao disappeared.

The end of the first story


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