The Soul Ferryman
4 Secret 1
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The Soul Ferryman
Author :Sally_1995
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4 Secret 1

The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, it is not far away, but I stand in front of you, but you don't know I love you.

A sports car parked on the side of the highway, the windows have been smashed, the boy and girl in a coma in the car. However, the unfortunate thing happened, the boy was dead, the girl was badly hurt and was sent to the hospital. In the Hospital, the girl lying on the operating table and the surgery was going on nervously, her mind came out of the boy's figure, that is the memory for the last time I saw Lu di's smiling face, so beautiful. Once again I was mesmerized by that smile, when I was convinced that one day he would be a superstar.

Three years later, zhao Li came to the bar to enjoy himself. He met a girl sitting in a corner who looked a little frustrated. So Zhao approached her ,the girl looked at him and said, "why are you looking at me like that? Is there anything on my face?" "I can see from the expression on your face that why does a girl drink plain boiled water in the bar?" Zhao played a joke on her. The girl replied:"I have a heart attack. I came here with my friend today. I am an agent, he is my entertainer, I see you temperament is good, very suitable to be a star. But you are a little old. Zhao said, "I am a thousand years old!" The girl did not say anything.

The man in black seemed a little frivolous. "There are so many people in the bar, why are you trying to chat me up?" she asked defensively. "Because you are so closed to death." "Said zhao. The girl did not reply zhao li again, she began to drink to paralyze herself, one cup after another, and then she got drunk. Zhao helped her to the toilet and vomited. At this time, a man in black suit who claiming to be insurance salesman, has begun his self-introduction, selling insurance to anyone who passes by, he said he named Li Daren. later, Li Daren what seems to be followed by a mysterious and strange shadow, it flashed from the distance, just like man in black . when it approached closely,it looks like a monster wearing a black cloak with the face full of stars. Li daren was startled, he hurried out of the bar, but still could not get rid of the monster.

When xia dongqing came out of the bar, he found Li daren lying beside the jeep with his eyes widely open. To his surprise, the man had stopped breathing. Xia dongqing said to zhao Li :"hey, what's matter with him? Should we call an ambulance?" "It's no use," answered the zhao Li "never mind so much,his soul has been eaten by the monster.

Zhao Li and xia dongqing back home, and then they find some information about this monster in the recorded history with xiaoya .

Xiao ya explained:" this monster called Xie,if you have dark secret,you will be followed and your soul will be eaten."

Xia dongqing remember that one day in the bar Li daren escape and kept saying: "i really don't know anything,i just told you to value your life." After that,his soul was eaten by the monster.

This guy must have some dark secret,I think girl will be in danger ,Xie is following her." Said xia dongqing . After settling down, Zhao Li began to rummage through her bag, trying to find something. "how can you rummage through other people's bag?" Dong qing asked. Zhao Li looked at him disdainfully and said nothing. A piece of paper fell on the ground. Xia dongqing picked it up. It was a hospital report. "you are not interested in secrets,aren't you?" said Zhao li. Dong qing ignored him and continued to look at the paper in her hand. Later ,they knew that the girl's name was Anmei,she had heart attack . There was a book in her bag called the furthest distance in the world.

In the room, where zhao Li was looking after for Anmei,a man was struggling painfully in the sun. It was ludi's soul. Xia dongqing looked at him pitifully and walked towards him with her umbrella. "why are you here?" he asked. Ludi replied, "How is she now?I've been by her side for three years, and I'd like to see her again, but there's a soul ferryman in this room." Dong qing let his soul went in his own body and came in,but Lu di was still caught by zhao Li. Ludi explained that he came for Anmei,the book is the gift to her to express his love. "Do you know her secret?"Zhao Li asked"There is no secret between us"Ludi said with a laugh.

Anmei woke up, zhao Li decided to send her home as the Xie will eating her soul if she hide her secret. If the secret was spoke out,Xie will leave.

Zhao Li and anmei were chating on the way to her home ,they pass by the seashore. Anmei said, "My family repairs cars,I am a so dangerous woman that any man who get close to me will not have good end. "

"Are you scared of me". Said by Anmei

Zhao Li smiled and said, "I don't think so, what about having the dinner together."

Anmei refused Zhao's invitation and they arrived at seaside.

On the seashore, Zhao asked Anmei her secret. The sky was blue, the waves beating its coast, Anmei was looking into distance, lost in thought, her words was full of helpless, said:"the secret will not exist if it was spoken out,a man is like a sea, sparkling on the surface, bubble is lightsome, Venus was born there, but under the sea, the sun can't arrived in the depths of the sea as it is full of darkness,But in this darkness, also hides the innumerable shipwreck treasure, the dead memory."

"And there is a secert. The sea can also breathe,just like human,a suction a vomit, the tidy rise and fall,thousand of years passed by. Don't be afraid, just speak out your trouble." Zhao Li relied.

"He is Lu di,the actor who has greatest potential to become famous,we ran show together every day. My favourate book is also from him. Then i got sick and the doctor tell

me i can live for only two month. " Anmei told Zhao Li her story.

In their house,Ludi also share his story with Dong qing and Xiao ya,he said There is a word he remarked on the book he gave to Anmei:The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, it is not far away, but I stand in front of you, but you don't know I love you.


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