The Soul Ferryman
5 Secret 2
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The Soul Ferryman
Author :Sally_1995
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5 Secret 2

Zhao Li asked Anmei:" Did Lu di said love to you?" Anmei shake her head :"I am not sure wether i will die next minute,I'm his agent ,it impossible for us to faling in love with each other." "If he told you his love,would you accepte it?" Zhao Li asked.

"I don't know,i am sure about myself,i was going to die soon,it is enough for me to see him grew up to become a good actor."

Zhao Li told Anmei Lu di's secret ,he said:"your heart is from Ludi"? Anmei felt panic,she suspected Zhao Li just asked:"How do you know". Zhao Li just said:" The monster xie is following you,i came here to help you." Anmei did not say anything. Three years before,Ludi and Anmei was send to hospital,Ludi said to doctor he would give his heart to Anmei and keep it secret. Anmei did not know everything she just remember his smile face when she was lying on the operation table.

Zhao Li asked Anmei to meet Ludi,the monster Xie also followed them.Zhao said:"The words on the book is the way Ludi expresse his love,this is his secret,the secret from his heart." Zhao Li and Dong qing encouraged Lu di express his Love to Anmei.

The soul of Ludi said "i love you "to Anmei and then disappeared. Dong qing and Zhao Li leaved ,let Anmei being alone.

At night,Anmei back to the seaside,she looked up to the distance with a book in her hand," i will never told my secret forever,the real secret is the deep brand in the heart,i never have resentmemt ,it is my guilty. That day I thought that even though I am in the deep hell, his smile must also illuminate me like the sunlight." Anmei remember her real secret. One day, she and Lu di went for a drive and the sports car stopped at a convenience store,Anmei said to Lu di:"I 'd like a cup of coffee." As Ludi go far away from her,Anmei took out a pair of pliers and cut off the brake cord without hesitate. Eventually, the brakes failed and the car hit a highway railing.

Anmei never forget that day when she cut off the brake,she came out of her memory,start crying,her voice is full of helpless and regret. However,Ludi will never back.

The sutras of Buddhism said that the most bitter thing in the world is not to be separated from love but to get and lose, to destroy our own love. From now on, this world is my hell, now I own his heart, every step i have in the world,is stepping on the knife of hell.

The monster Xie appeared again,it still follow Anmei…

end of this story


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