The Unheard Story Of One Piece
4 Chapter 4 First Battle On The Sea
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The Unheard Story Of One Piece
Author :Ramus
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4 Chapter 4 First Battle On The Sea

On small room at Wonton Inn second floor. " Todays is the day that transport ship to Mirror Ball Island arrived, time to start my journey" Ramus murmured.

After five days of training, i created quite a lot of battle techniques, i even try swimming around the near beach and nothing bad happen to me except i found is quite hard to use my devil fruit ability inside the water because earth nature.

With the smoke on his mouth Ramus exit the inn and go straight to the ship transport area, after he arrived a big galleon ship with Silver Wind word on its flag can be seen. He immediately enter the ship after gave his travel ticket to the ship officer. The officers told that he can rest at rest room for passenger but he decided to stay at the deck for sightseeing. After some minute others passenger started entering the ship, some of them is merchant and mostly passengers is people who wanna go vocation on Mirror Island. Several ship guard equipped with rifle on his back and sword on their waist Spread across the ship.

" Okay, all the passengers is already in, there only the cargo left, after all new cargo is inside the storage room, we set sail in five minute after that, we need to keep on schedule" said the captain of the galleon ship.

About thirty minute later the cargo is already in and five minute passed after that, the ship is set to sail from the dock, lot people gathering on the dock to say farewell to their family and friend. Soon the the Purple Peach island became smaller and smaller then vanishes for ship sight.

"Good morning ladies and gentleman, my name is Cromby, im captain of this Silver Wind galleon, i am here to remind you all that our destination is Royal Port on Mirror Ball Island, our journey will take thirty hours from now until we arrive, please take care of yourself in case of sudden change of bad weather at the sea, and lastly keep caution in case of pirates attack, of course that's rarely happen, and we got armed guard here even if we got attacked we should be okay, but we live on the age of pirate now, extra caution will not bring harm, thank you and enjoy your journey with Silver Wind" The captain immediately enter the wheel room.

After night fall, i decided to eat some bread that i bought from wonton inn and go to the rest room after i finish my meal, the rest room area itself consist several separate room, the ticket i bought is for the single small rest room, because i dont want to be bother by other people. Soon i lay down small single bed in my small rest room and tried to sleep but i can't, with nothing to do i begin to think about the Mirror Ball Island, what its the island look like, what the situations in there, is there someone that i can recruit perhap a wife candidate, I chuckle a bit than my mind wondering lot of thing. When still on my wild fantasy, an hour already passed, and then a loud noise from lot of people running toward rest room area can be heard.

"Wake up guys wake up, we got attacked by pirates" soon i heard multiple lound knocking door outside my room, and jolted from my bed immediately open the door and saw the panick face one ship foreman, soon i saw other passengers started exiting their room panicking.

" What happen ? "

" Where the pirates ? "

" Mommy im scared !!"

" Im still to young to die, i have not married yet !! "

" Noooooo "

various noise can be heard.

" Damn it, why i travel with this crappy travel ship agencies, im already in Gali Goods ship if not for this stupid bitch " said the Fat man look like some rich merchant with lot series of gold teeth, while shouting at young girl, the young girl is wearing simple full body dress that covered her body except from her neck to his feet, although i cant see any part of her body, i can saw a fine curve and a nice big breast inside her dress, she not that beauty but there something about her that combining her nice body posture with her gesture that make her quite interesting young lady.

The situation is so tense but i decided ask the foreman calmly " Where the pirates ? "

Then one of the foreman spoke " The Pirates is 200 meter away from our ship, there are 3 pirate ship 2 caravel and 1 ship brightsloop, they ambushed us from all side "

All the passenger face started to pale and lot of scream and cry is started to appear again.

" How about the situation of the captain and the guard ? " i asked those foreman.

" The captain already order all ship crew to prepare for the battle and the guard already attacking the pirates ship with they rifle and canon, but those pirates ship is really agile and all the target is missed, the Captain Cromby gave order to tell all the old people, woman and child find the place to hide, but the all the man must help us on the deck, we will reinforce you with our backup weapon"

Soon all the man is gathering on deck lot of them shaking endlessly and even one of them passed out when they arrived at the deck, i follow others to the deck and saw the guard shoot to three different directions repeatedly with their rifle and canon, then the ship crew started to gave the passengers the rifle and sword, one of the crew gave me a rifle but i reject it, they insists, so i take the rifle.

Is already night but the moon shine quite brightly because there only little cloud around. From the faraway i can see three pirates ship with different pirates flag approaching our ship with fast speed.

Those pirate ship is already so close to our ship and gun shoots between the ship crew and those pirate became more intense, honestly when i saw the scene, it remind me The Pirate Of The Caribbean movie i thinking for a while and i decided to only used Rokushiki techniques and not my devil fruit ability to destroy those pirates. The reason is simple,is not the time yet that i show my devil fruit to the world, i dont want to became like Portgas D Ace, majority logia user is strong because their battle power and their near indestructible body so when logia user appear lot of people pay attention to him or her, especially those strong pirates, the marines and the world government. Those powerhouse is trying their best to recruit the logia user to their side for strengthening their own forces and the bad news is, mostly when strong logia user refuse to join the world government and the marines m, that logia user will become target to them to be eliminated because they dont want a strong logia user that could have potential to become enemy in the future.

I have already mastering all the move from Rokushiki, so i though it will be enough for those east blue pirates, and not many people knew Rokushiki techniques in this east blue.

Our ship is shaking and loud crash sound can be heard, our ship got flanked by those three ships. Soon in the midst of gun fires lot of hook rope started flying toward our ship and stick in. Several guard try sever the rope, but its to many and those rope and lot of pirates keep shooting at our direction. The passenger that holding the weapon is panicking and some of them began piss on their pant and then one by one pirates crew is climbing to our ship, some of them got shoot at fall down to the sea or their ship and many of them still climbing with fast speed soon the battle in our ship deck is begin to happen.

I decided to wait and see the situation before i take action, i look those pirate and still i found a pirate that look like their captain or boss. The battle is started soon after almost thirty pirates successfully came to our deck, the guard and ship crew fight bravery but lot them got hurt and lot of blood start to fall down. Captain Cromby slashing around his sword in his right hand and he firing his gun on his left hand, its worthy for him to be called experienced captain. The pirate keep coming from their ship while there victim keep coming from our side, soon after almost fifty more pirate come, the the tall pirate with huge black axe with black cloack appear and said " Guhahahahaha its time to die fool, keep struggling and all of you will have ugly death guhahahaha, i am Darko the Captain of Black Axe pirates give me your life and this ship is ours " after Darko guy spoke loud cheers can be heard from the all pirates.

There are three different Pirate ship and jolly rogers, so there should be two others pirates captain i though. Soon after understanding the situation i took the actions

" SWOOOSH " i use soru and punch one of those pirates soon when my hits connect " BOOM " the pirates got spat a lot of blood and got blast away to the sea, suddenly all people around me is shocked, especially those pirates.

" KILL HIIIMMMM " that Darko guy shouting so loud, and those pirate crew started swarming me, some of them shoot me and other slashing their sword toward me,but none of them can hit me because my soru is to fast for them , one by one i blast them away with my fist, with my current fist power is very lethal to ordinary person and combine it with soru speed it make fist very deadly.





I strike all of them with my fist and my kick, when im enjoying destroying those weakling the tall pirate captain Darko sneaking behind my back and launch surprise attack toward me with this axe, sadly for him, reaction is too fast and i dodge his attack, and then i use soru to dash under his tall body and give him powerful uppercut tho his jaw BOOOMMM " i sent him fly about several meter to the sky and lot of blood and teeth floating around then his motionless body landing on our ship deck and created small crater, his mouth is open , his jaw is crushed with deep fist sign, his eyes is blank, he died.

The scene made all people on the deck froze, especially when they saw the expression of Darko corpse facial.

"Impossible, Captain Darko he..he..he died !!!"


"Run !! " shout some of pirates survivors

The rest of pirates feel desperate and started to runaway from our ship. Then Captain Cromby use this opportunity " Keep Shooting them , shoot the canon toward ship, Destroy them" the remaining survivor from our side is begin to move.

Those pirates retreated to their own ship, i saw the Black Axe pirates run away i decide to leave them and jump from the deck to another pirate ship, all the pirates on the ship is so shock and soon i saw the captain hidding behind a wall made from his subordinate barricades, what a coward i though, then i use rankyaku on those silly barricades and blood splatter all over the place. All the pirates on this ship is died.


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