The last Repentance
1 Repentance
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The last Repentance
Author :Samir_Gautam
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1 Repentance

It has been 10 years since Maya passed. Today I am standing in the same garden, where we often used to meet. Maya loved this garden very much. Far from the city, how beautiful was the garden made between rivers and mountains. Although we lived in Ghaziabad but we enjoyed coming here. How much peace is here? no crowd, no noise. Whenever I look at these flowers, I miss Maya. She used to tell me .....

"Vikram, please do not break flowers? They will have pain"

I used to laugh at the words of maya and say, "what maya anything? Is this man who will pain??? Flowers are meant for breaking, they don't get any pain? .. Look at this. I would pluck the flowers and lay down on it with a mace of flowers. Today, I want to say to Maya that you were right. I have seen these flowers crying. After you went, the flowers were dead. There was no one to see or serve them. I've made the garden green again in 3 months. How big is the mango tree standing in the middle of the garden? This tree was planted by maya. Maya was the one who explained the importance of trees to me. she would talk to them for hours in my absence. When I was not here, She used to say, "We can't live without all of us? If this is not there then there will be unrest everywhere, we will die starving. That's why you protect trees and plants. "After me, she used to love someone, then they were trees and plants."

Friends, I forgot to tell you the special mention of "garden". A path to that garden would pass through the middle of the rivers. That place was constructed by beautifully. There the winds move very fast and there is often a gathering of birds. I can never forget this place. Whenever we came here, we used to come to this place. We used to talk here for hours and lost in the plains surrounded by the hills. I remember that day, when Maya had brought me here for the first time. She told me ...

" Vikram, close your eyes and feel the winds with a long breath."

I closed my eyes and like Maya had said, I did that.

"Vikram, you heard some voice ..."

"Yes, some .... khisssssss ..... pisssssss ... ???"

"Winds, talking to each other, let me show you one more thing"

Maya took me along in the middle of the birds and said .....

"There are more than 100 species of birds who never fight and always live together. Know the special thing about them, if they have any trouble, they are not afraid but face it together."

"If we were unity like us, we would never fight in the name of castes and religions, we don't know why we Take anything for granted and Begin to kill each other."

"Yes, you said right, I believe that day will come when we will not fight in the name of caste and religion."

I saw Maya, feeding grains to the birds. How beautiful was she looking that day? Her hair was fluttering in the air and her sweet voice. On whose sounds the birds were running towards her. She was standing among the birds. When she saw me lovingly, I felt an arrow in my chest. She indicated me to come, I had stepped up a few steps, my foot fell on the peacock 's wing. Peacock rushed me, I was running ahead and the birds behind me. Whenever I miss that day my laugh leaves. Had there not been maya? perhaps all the birds would have killed me. Maya taught me to be friends and to live with the birds. We used to play with them whenever we used to be sad. Indeed, this place used to wiped out all our pains. This place was no less than heaven; we even named the place "Paradise of the Garden". I remember that day when we were about to get married and we were playing here amongst the birds. She was the most different girl, we were going to get married in the evening and in the morning, we went out of the house secretly. Our family continued searching for us that day and we continued to have fun here. They started feeling that we had not run away. They even complained the police. Maya was very quiet and naughty. The whole idea was of her. She didn't want our wedding to be boring but she wanted to make it memorable. When we came home in the evening, our family scolded us very much.

On that day when I and Maya were in the garden, she had expressed an ambition with me. My head was in the lap of Maya and she stroked my hair saying....

"Vikram, I like this" garden "very much. can you buy for me ???"

I said "Maya, at this time I do not have so much money but yes one day I will definitely buy."

Today I want to say to Maya that I have bought the entire garden and do you know? The name of this garden I have named after you "Maya GARDEN". I wish I could say these words to Maya. Today I have everything but you are not.

The biggest day of my life was? when Maya gave birth to rahul. How happy we were? when Rahul came in our life. We had seen many dreams for Rahul. I wanted Rahul to become a big bussiness man, but maya wish was that he became a footballer like Ronaldo. None of us were ready to believe. Then, we finally decided that Rahul would become. what he himself would like???

Maya told Rahul ...

"Aale ... Aale .... My son, how nice is your father? He warms milk for you, he drinks you milk, he baths you, he performs massaging you, he change your diapers and he brings a lot of toys for you. Look, they do not let me do any work. "

I said, " Rahul is my son and his attention will not keep his father then who else will keep it? you are my wife and it is my duty to take care of your every need."

"Vikram ..... really you are a good father and a good husband. I am lucky that you have met me."

Whenever I remember these words, I start crying. I could not become any of these, neither a good father nor a good husband. I want to capture 5 years of marriage in my memories because after that my life became a hell. I imprecate that day when my bussiness partner "Rastogi" came into my life. I did not know that he jealous with my progress. He has made me addicted to alcohol. I used to forbid but he used to say ....

"Vikram, wine is the juice of rajah that gives pleasure only. Life is incomplete without this, that 's the real identity of a man."

"No Rashtagi, I have promised Maya that I will never take alcohol."

"Oh common friend, if you get trapped in the family's delusion then you will never be able to live life, look at me today I am the owner of 10 company and you are just 5 company. I have got billions of rupees in cash and you do not even have 200 million rupees. You know, how did I do all this? because of this wine, that kept me away from the family and today I am the renowned bussiness man of "canada". If I think like you then I can never do all these . You will be surprised knowing that all I have achieved in 2 years. If you have to play in billions like me then you will have to change your thinking. I am successful today because I never bring my family between my work, so leave excuses and drink alcohol."

I don't know when I got into the trap of Rastogi? Her sweet words spell on me and forced me to drink alcohol. After that night, I started drinking alcohol every night. Rastogi started drinking the liquor of every brand. I was addicted to alcohol in a few months. Now it was difficult to live without alcohol. Rastogi took advantage of this and started to adding intoxicating medicine in liquor. I can't tell the name of that medicine, but after consuming it I was drunk for 3 days.

Rastogi was very vicious, he was well acquainted with my wife, so he kept me away from Maya for 2 years on the excuse of bussiness. He moulded me in the environment of canada so much that I forgot my wife. I was drunk in every time, I was neither aware of the day nor the night.I used to talk to the phone in the beginning days, but as the influence of intoxication increased, I forgot Maya. Now It 's been six months since I spoke to him. Whenever she tried to talk to me, Rastogi used to make excuses. She was very sharp and sensible, she saw my bussiness share falling down. Seeing the bad conditions of our company. she had understood that Rastogi was playing a big game. She took help from the police and came to Canada to fetch me. When Maya came to see me I was drunk at that time. She found that my room was full of wine bottles. She tried to lift me up...

"Vikram get up! Your maya has come to take you. Come on, let's go home."

I said in drunk "Who is maya ??? I don't know any I only know this bottle of wine. Go and get me wine.

That day I had seen Maya crying for the first time. She was feeling sorry for my condition, she turned her eyes and handled himself. She avenged Rastogi persecution on me and handed it over to the police.  Rastogi was not a big businessman, he was a "broker" who had earned millions by cheating hundreds of people. maya, who brought me back to India?  if she was not, then maybe I had died.

Maya took over my business but she could not handle me. My intoxication was going on  increasing day by day. The doctor advised Maya to get my treatment in a drug hospital but she was not ready? She didn't want me to be treated like a madman and I had to undergo any trouble. Maya tried very hard to remove my intoxication but she failed.

I remember when my son had a wedding night and I had fallen into a drain. Maya, who had handled everything?  if she was not, then my son's wedding would not have started with pomp.  In the morning I saw, my daughter-in-law  "Suhani".  How beautiful and gentle she was? exactly like my maya. After all, it was her choice.

Due to drug abuse, I was not able to eat my food and due to which made me already weak.  Looking at my deteriorating situation, the doctor said that if I took drugs for a few days then my death is certain.  Intoxication is one such thing that dominates someone, it is impossible to get rid of it. I had the same problem with me. Despite the doctor's refusal, I drank alcohol that night. I reached home in a state of intoxication, was just Maya at home.  I saw Maya, she was trying to hide something, I asked her .....

"What are you hiding from me ??? ..."

"No ... nothing ... you sit, I get food for you"

"Wait ... show me what you are hiding from me ???"

When she did not tell me, then I tried to snatch it from her. In that scuffle , the drug box fell and I saw it.  I tried to lift it but she pushed me away.  I kept telling her to give me drug box but she did not give me. I was losing control over myself because of not being intoxicated and my head was being torn apart. I picked up a knife near and killed her. Her shrieks came out. I woke up for a few moments. what have I done ??? Maya immediately removed my hand and put her hand on the knife, she did not want me to go to jail in murder charges. She told me to run away but I didn't.  She swore to me and I had to go. How good was Maya?  Even... when she was dying?  she was thinking about my goodness and how heartless I was, who killed own wife?  I had reached the door that My head collided with rod and I fell down.

When my eyes were open I was in the hospital.  I saw the police standing around me, they asked me a lot of questions, How did you hurt your head? Did the thieves come in the house?  who killed your wife? Did not you kill him? I thought I would tell the police that I had stabbed Maya. I was about to tell him the truth that the voice came from the adjoining room"The patient has regained consciousness."

The police quickly rushed towards the adjoining room and I ran behind them. The policemen believed that I had killed my wife so they asked her many questions related to me but she did not tell the truth, she simply said, "My husband has not tried to kill me rather tried to save me. He has saved me from thieves."  Sir, I have a very little time now, So can I meet my husband?

I went to Maya ...

"Maya, you are fine"

"Yes, and you ...."

"I'm also fine ..... Why did not you tell the truth to the police?"

"I don't have the answer to these questions?"

"You love me so much"

She was angry with me, so she did not tell me anything ...

I said, "I know you're angry with me, I should be punished for my mistake. I will tell all the truth to the Police."

She grabbed my hand and said ... "No, you won't  do anything like that, You remember my promise don't you?"

"Well, I'm going to meet the doctor and ask when he will discharge my dear wife from the hospital?"

"Vikram,  I have very less time... From today onwards, the responsibility of my family is in your hands. Promise me that you won't let my family break and After today, you won't drink any wine nor get any intoxication."

"Maya, I promise you but please don't go away from me. Don't give me such a big punishment for my mistake?"

I was crying, screaming but she was gone. That day was the black day of my life. On that day I had lost my beloved Maya. I had never thought that for whom I used to talk about giving my life, I will kill her.  After 13 days, she was Terahvin. All the guests had come and my son had drunk.  As soon as he came, he started giving abuses to everyone. I pointed to Suhani that she went and handled Rahul. When she was able to handle Rahul slapped him up.  Even I was able to handle, thinking that he would listen to his father but he also slapped me.  How embarrassing was it for me to slap my son's hand.  I was getting a punishment of all the mistakes one by one and Why do not I get punishment?  After all I had taught my son to drink.  I said, "You are the son of Vikram Rathod, quit drinking juice and have a drink alcohol."  My son was 16 when I gave him a wine.  My son was doing the same thing which I was doing a few days ago with Maya?

After the death of Maya, I had stayed in shock and neither did I care about myself or others.  I had given up drinking alcohol but was immersed in the condolence of Maya. My mistakes did not let me sleep.  Whenever I closed my eyes, I would see 'Maya' soaked in blood.  Every moment I feel that she is following me and when I went to her",  she would disappear.  I screamed loudly, "I know you are near me, Give me the punishment you want but please talk to me. I can't live without you." I was a bit crazy in the mourning of Maya. Talking to myself, abusing myself and beating myself down had became me a habit. I was responsible for every mistake. If I would have been sensible, then such a mistake would have never happened. In a few days my condition was such that I started telling every person walking in the way, "I have killed my wife with this knife, you kill me too!" I tried to kill myself three times but didn't know how to survive? Perhaps Maya had saved me.

"Why does this happen? We don 't respect our loved ones, when they are with us?  If I had respected, Today maya would have been with me ?"  Friends, take care of your loved ones, respect them otherwise your condition will become like me. Sometimes we make such a mistake in an unknowingly way that we can not bring it back even after wanting it? What is the sadness of going away from him?  No one can understand better then me.

I couldn't get out of her grief if the little girl had not shown me the way. She reminded me of the promise of maya which was from me.  After that day I took over my family and business too. My daughter-in-law, Suhani helped me in every work. Anywork I ask to do? she never used to say 'no'? just like "Maya".  Whenever I saw him, I could miss maya.  I can't forget that day when Suhani said that you are going to be a grandfather. Even before my grandchildren came into the world, I was so happy that I shared the sweets in the entire neighborhood.  I don't remember when I was laughing last time maybe with Maya.

After that day my responsibility had increased. I had to take care of Suhani and even drunken son. Rahul was neither concerned about the business nor that of our home and family. He was drunk day and night. His devils grew, when he started to beat Suhani? I tried to explain to my son, but he did not listen to me. Whenever I saw Suhani, I used to miss Maya, black marks on her face were exactly the same as maya. "I wish",  I had never used to be addicted to drugs, it would never happen. Seeing every wound of Suhani, I am realizing that I had given how much pain to Maya? she suffered so much pain but She did not say a single word to me. Today I promise myself that whatever I did with Maya, I will not allow it to happen with suhani.

I was sitting at home doing office work Then sudden I heard a noise of broken some glasses. I ran to the hall and saw that the suhani was trying to hide something and rahul was threatening with a knife. I remembered the day when I had stabbed maya. Rahul tried to kill Suhani with a knife but in the middle I came and the knife went inside my stomach. With the sharp edge of the knife, my blood stream was overflowed. I handled myself and pushed the son. I removed his hand and grabbed myself a knife. I did the same what Maya did.  I also swore to Rahul and told him not to tell anyone about this. That day I saw tears in my son 's eyes for the first time. He was crying for me. I didn't remember but within a few minutes I gazed and I went into the darkness world. I was in a world that we call "hell". I had just taken a few steps ahead the shrieking voice shook my eardrum. I shouted "Please save me, help me somebody" Then only a voice increased my heart beat.

"Vikram, you're welcome in the world of hell."

When I looked in front I saw Maya

"The same beauty that I saw last time?  the same red sari which she was wearing, looked so beautiful "

Maya played a pinch and suddenly all the screams ceased.

I said, "Maya  you are in front of me, Is it true or I am dreaming. "

"This is true Vikram"

"Maya please forgive me, Today you are not with me because of my mistakes, how I was selfish who didn't listen to you?"

"I forgave you the day, you stabbed me. I know my vikram very well. he is not a murderer. That was your intoxicant that forced you to kill me."

"Then why did not you answer my questions that day?"

"Because I was angry with you, our son also started drinking because of you. you had spoiled your life but had also snatched the happiness of our family together. "

"Forgive me, maya, you had to see all this because of me"

"Vikram, Today I am not angry with you rather I'm proud of you that you fulfilled my promises, Today you have rescued her son along with suhani. you have given a new life to our family."

"No Maya, whatever you did to our family, there is nothing in front of them."

After decade, it was nice to meet Maya in hell, but I never thought I would be able to meet Maya.

I told her "Where did I not find you" In the rivers, In the mountains, In the streets of the city and In the garden where we often used to meet but I didn't find you anywhere? "

"I was with you all the time, Just you didn't recognize me. you tried to give life three times. At that time I only saved your life. you remember that little girl who reminded you of my promise?  she was me."

"But why didn't you meet me?"

"I wanted to make you realize everything, I wanted you to understand your responsibilities and you understood that I am happy."

Maya was great she had truly loved me but I didn't understand her love. A intoxicated desire has turned me away from Maya.

I said to Maya, "can I ask you a question?"


"What was the sound of Screaming a while ago? Who was that voice?"

"That voice was of those sinners who had committed many murders. he was being punished."

"Will I also be punished?"

"Yes, you will get it too"

Maya laughed, "Hey, don't be afraid,  you have corrected your mistakes so you will get less punishment."

"Maya, How did you come to hell? You should have been in heaven."

Maya said in a funny sense, "I am getting punishment for loving you. I lied to the police that day, His punishment is??? "

"From today I and you will live together."

"No vikram,You have to go back to your family. your promise has not been fulfilled yet."

"No Maya, please do not separate me from yourself. I want to be with you."

"Your time has not come yet, you have to show Rahul the right path. You have to make him capable to understand the difference between right and wrong. When your responsibility is fulfilled then I will come to pick you up.

"Promise me, that you will come to take me"

"I promise you."

My breath quickened as I opened my eyes. The nurse quickly applied my oxygen mask and screamed " Doctor,  patient has regained consciousness."

Doctor said "it's a miracle, he was dead then how he got alive?

All this was the magic of Maya, which though not in our close between but she protected our family.

On that day the same inspector came who had question-answer from Maya? He asked many questions about Rahul but I did the same which Maya did for me? I saved Rahul.

When I rescued Rahul, the inspector said in a funny sense: "I have seen a family for the first time that even after killing one another. They save their family. When you love each other so much then why do you make such a mistake?  This time I'm leaving you but I won't leave you next time.

I saw Rahul, he stood holding his ears out.  I opened my arms and indicated him hug.  I hugged Rahul with my throat. I don't  know how many years later the father and son were hugged.  On that day Rahul promised me that he would never take alcohol. Late itself but Rahul realized his mistake.

I was just talking to my son that I saw the child in suhani's lap.

I said "This is your child."

Rahul said, "Yes, Papa, when you were unconscious, Suhani gave birth to child.

"What is a grandson or granddaughter?"


"she's so beautiful and cheerful too. look, how playful my granddaughter is?"

Suhani said "Dad, we want you to keep your granddaughter's name?"

I remember the point of Maya that she told me. She told me that If we had been a son, he will be named rahul and had been a daughter, she will be named shivani.

I said "its name will be Shivani"

After the arrival of our granddaughter, Rahul completely changed. He handled his business and his family too.  My son would be so responsible in a few days I did not expect it but he showed it all.

I can't forget that night when I was very sleepy and maya came in the dream. She told me .....

"Happy birthday vikram, get up! I have a surprise for you???"

I got up and saw, 12 were ringing in the clock.  Suddenly the voice of a bail took my attention to the door. When I opened the door, I saw a man standing with the gift. He gave me a gift and wishing a happy birthday.  When I opened the gift, it had a key. When I asked him?  he told me, "20 years ago Maya Madam had bought 200 million shares from our company and she had said that when it gets 1 billion rupees, then buy your patrimony bungalow and give it to you. She had specially told me to handed you the bungalow that my grandfather-great-grandfather had built, Not knowing how many people's memories belong to this house.  I too grew up in this house and maya also took the first step in this house after marriage.  I was so blind in the greed of money that I sold this house to Rastogi. Today Maya has proved me again why she is so great? what she has done for me? I can 't pay her debt in any birth.

Maya, why are you so good? I wish I could become like you.  Maya, I will not forget your surprise in any birth.

In 10 years Maya did not have me but she had always been with me every time she was with me in every misery and in every other happiness. She made me realize at every step that she is around me.

I was sitting in the garden and feeling myself in the air. when my son came with shivani? He gave Shivani to me and started talking to the phone himself. I was playing with my granddaughter that suddenly I had a pain in my chest. "I tried to touch my body but could not touch it; I wanted to lift my granddaughter but could not lift it; I gave a loud voice to rahul but he did not hear my voice." I dropped his phone through the air. Rahul attention went towards me and he picked up Shivani.  Shivani was playing in my lap and my body was calm. If I had not been done anything during the time, my granddaughter could fallen. I saw Rahul, he was trying to picked me up and I was absolutely silent. First time I saw my body separate from myself. Suddenly a strong wind pulled my attention to the "mango tree."

I looked back,

"Maya was standing in front"


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