True Vampire
5 spell mastery levels
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True Vampire
Author :SeventhLord
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5 spell mastery levels

@@"Umm, my name is Cecilia Von Ziks and I specialize in water magic."

Said a 168cm tall girl with glasses, a petite figure, and black hair styled in a bob cut. She was just my type, unfortunately, she was my student.

"Emily Von Fuks..."

"Jake Von Deeks..."

After the introductions were over, I started teaching them about magic.

"Before we begin, can anyone tell me, what are the levels of mastery on spells?"

"Yes, Jake."

"May I go to the toilet?"

" Yes, now back to my question: what are the levels of mastery for spells? Well, spell mastery has 4 levels: at the apprentice level, one needs to use a wand or staff to conduct their magic, and chants and gestures to help them focus. At the mid tier, one can cast spells without their wands or staves but it will usually be weaker which is why most choose to keep their wands. At the high tier, one no longer needs to chant to cast spells, and at the grand level, one can cast spells with a mere thought. Any questions?"

"None," the class answered in unision.

"Okay since, that's out of the way and this is our first day together, you can all do whatever you want."



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