Under the Blood Moon
1 Prologue
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Under the Blood Moon
Author :Yuu_Tsukiyama
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1 Prologue

Blood Moon Pact. 

A pact of neutrality made between humans, vampires and werewolves. As long as this pact stands we can all live in peace. Anyone who goes against it will be hunted down by all three species. 

    This pact had been made in 1900 after a thousand year long secret war. By representatives of each species. From the humans side, stood Evana Hellsing. 

   President of the European hunter association. A woman who was considered one of the best. 

    From the vampire's side was Carmilla. Former lover of the Count Dracula who had been put to sleep 95 years before. She was a powerful vampire in her own right. 

  And lastly from the Werewolves side was the Leading Alpha of the Lunar Blessings, council of Alpha leaders of the packs. In this pact:

1.Neither side is to attack the other unprovoked. If this rule is broken. Then the attacked side is allowed to do as they wish with the attacker. 

2.They are not allowed to attack humans or turn them. Vampires will be provided blood bags and the Werewolves will be provided fully equipped cells for the duration of the full moon. 

3. Hunters are not allowed to hunt down creatures as they see fit and are only allowed to do so with the wanted creatures and humans approved by the council of Scarlet Pact. 

4.Werewolves and vampires are to be registered right after they are first turned/transformed. 

5.Werewolves and Vampires are to hide their appearance from regular humans. Anyone who leaks the secret will be punished harshly. 

6.Werewolves and vampires are allowed to keep their territories and covens as long as it is registered and is away from the human population. 

7.Anyone who fails to comply with this pact shall be sentenced to death. 

    The three sides signed this pact, under the once a century blood moon with the agreement of all species and humans in the known. 

 Over time, humans expect to select a few families and high ranking officials forget about the supernatural as well as the pact. But Werewolves and Vampires have longer lifespan compared to humans. So we all remember it. It has been branded on us after all. 

  We are the children of the Moon. 

And this is our story.

   Our story under the Blood moon. 

    Music echoed loudly through the halls as teenagers without adult supervision had their fun. It was a party anyway, they are allowed to do whatever they want!

   'Well, more like whatever we wanted~' 

  The blonde thought as she was pinned into the door by some guy, her mouth and lips being devoured by the others.  

   Smirking into the kiss, she wrapped her around him and jumped a bit, wrapped her legs around the guy's hips so she rubbed against his rock hard member.

Moaning a bit, the guy placed both his hands under her, grasping her ass tightly. He lifted her up and threw her to the bed. 

     Ami moaned, her light blonde hair spilled over the mattress around her head. Guy gazed at her with lust filled eyes then quickly wrestled out of his shirt then attacked her again. 

   This time pinning her into the bed as she kissed, sucked and bit her open neck. Ami moaned in delight. Not one to be an obedient little princess, she started unbuckling his belt when her large hand covered her own pale hands and stopped her. Deep voice vibrating into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. 

   "Now now~ don't be so hasty…" 

  He whispered as heat pooled in Ami's stomach. Oh dear god, she wanted him inside her now. She knew she was being needy but how can anyone resist this hottie!? 

  She unwillingly complied after failing to get her hand free. Chuckling, the man on top pulled her away from her neck. Pulling her shirt carefully not to touch her skin, he pulled it off and tied her hands on top of her head with itm

     She whined and glared at the man only for him to give her a rugged smirk then proceed to punch her nipple drawing a whimper from her. 

  "Hurry up!" 

She growled slowly, earning another chuckle from the guy. 

   "I will I will~" 

 Settling between her legs, he cupped her breast and started suckling on them. Ami hummed and mounted slightly whenever his roaming hands would rub and pinch her skin. 

   She had slightly masochistic tendencies she will admit. 

Finally satisfied with his work the man pulled away from her breasts and rubbed her dripping wet clitoris through her panties after pushing her skirt up. Humming to himself as if pleased about getting her this painfully horny. 

   Ami bit back a moan as the man unbuckled his pants and slowly sank into her aching hole after pulling off her panties. 

  It seemed like he himself had been at the ends of his patience too. 

 'God, he's big… '

   The blonde thought as her blue eyes closed, rolling upwards a little at the pleasure she got just from him entering her. It had been so long since she had sex. 


She moaned loudly as the man thrust into her suddenly, moving his hips hitting hard and deep. Finally breaking free of her shirt, she reached out to hold into his back her nails digging into his skin with each thrust. 

    He finally settled into a rhythm with his thrusts. Leaning down, he bit into her neck strong enough to draw blood as his pace increased. 

   His eyes seemed to glow red but it was probably her pleasure filled hallucination. Ami held onto the man as he grunted along with his moans. 

   With one last strong and deep thrust (Ami bit into the man's collarbone to muffle her scream) the man came deep inside her. His fangs piercing her thick skin, drawing blood. 

 Pulling away, he panted and looked down at the woman lying under him. He leaned down once again and licked clean the blood. 

   Not yet exhausted, he grinned at the panting mess of a girl and lunged again. This wasn't over yet. 

  "Ready for the 2nd round?" 

   The blonde smirked deliciously at him. Her blue eyes glistening, her blonde hair almost seeming white under the moonlight. 



Ami shuddered a little as she left the bathroom and stepped into the cold hallways. She had got home around 04:00 AM and had gone straight to sleep. Last night was amazing! She just wished she had asked that man's name. 

   Sighing, the blonde walked into her room and closed the door behind her when the person sitting on the bed finally talked. 

  "So, when did you get back home?" 

Turning around, she glared at the younger blonde guy. It was her little brother Anthony, he had an annoyed expression too. 

   "Around 4AM. Why?" 

He seemed to check over every inch of her. His eyes finally settling on her neck then widening. Ami frowned and touched her neck. What was on it anyway? 


"Y-You… You had sex!? You slept with someone! Oh god! Ami Why!?" 

  Her face scrunched, she felt around her neck then winced as she tapped on the big bruise on her skin. What? Why wasn't it healed!? 

   Anthony seemed to have same thought too as his eyes paled."W-why, Why isn't it healed!? Did you mate with someone!?" 

   Ami snorted and shook her head chasing away the thoughts.

"Don't be silly Tony, he was a human. It will heal in a while since he did bite hard enough to draw blood" she waved away his concerns cause no way right? She did check if he was a human or not.

   "Anyway get out of the room. Today is monday brat" 

Her little brother frowned but did leave her room. Once the door clicked close behind him, she released her sigh and looked into the mirror, taking her hand off of her neck. 

   There was a big purple bruise blossoming on her skin but it was already closed over and isn't bleeding anymore. So it would probably heal by afternoon. 

   Turning her blue eyes away, she started getting dressed.  Like she said, today was Monday so they needed to get ready for school. 

  'I guess I have to wear scarf today' 

   Ami thought. Glancing at the open drawer, she had to stock up on pills it seems. The full moon was in a few days after all. 

     Pushing away her thoughts for now, the blonde haired werewolf started preparing for the day ahead.  It's gonna be a long day ahead after all… 


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