Unintended Twist
18 Chapter 17
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Unintended Twist
Author :luke_alan
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18 Chapter 17


Dornan headed for his room upstairs, once he'd bandaged the girl's bleeding wrist and chained her to the wall, tightening her shackles until she whimpered. She wanted to stab him? He would show her how quickly he could make her existence agony. But also, he kind of loved that she had reacted that way. Grabbing a blade, sinking it into his flesh, licking those beautiful lips of hers when she thought he wasn't looking. It made him imagine the fight she'd give if he were to pin her down, force her arms over her head, and fuck her tight little body.

His cock throbbed painfully at the thought of her. He needed release. But he would be damned if he'd let her know what kind of effect she was having on him.

The fire she was lighting through his veins.

He entered the room his father set aside for him during such visits and slammed the door shut behind him. Stalking to his bathroom, he began shedding clothes in his wake.

He made the water as hot as possible, wanting to burn her touch from his skin, to wash away her blood, syrupy and sticky as it congealed and dried on his hands.

But at the same time, he didn't want to wash it away. He wanted to savour it. To bathe in it. To sink himself into her until she begged him for release of her own.

His hand stirred to his engorged cock, where he squeezed hard. The water washed some of the blood from his hand and it dribbled down onto his cock. He squeezed again, mesmerised. Her blood. His dick. Yes.

He briefly considered returning downstairs. He'd be careful, and maybe, just maybe, she'd lie still to protect her broken ribs.

But he didn't want her to lie still.

He wanted her to thrash and writhe. He wanted her to fight back even as she gave in to him. Because she was so damn good at fighting back. She seemed to enjoy it.

Jesus.What was happening to him? He was careful and controlled, measured. The volatility that lived inside him was a beast that he'd learned to leash a long time ago, and now he was going crazy over one girl?


He let go of himself and grabbed the bar of soap, scrubbing his hands until they were close to bleeding. He would erase every trace of her.

But sure enough, after his skin was raw and clean, his cock was still rock solid, and in desperate need of some attention.

'Jesus fucking Christ,' he muttered, shutting the water off. He wrapped a towel around his waist and wrenched the bathroom door open.

He wasn't alone. Interesting.

'Bella,' he growled. He wasn't in the mood for any shit. 'What the fuck are you doing here?'

His accountant and occasional piece of ass sat in an overstuffed armchair in the darkest corner of the room, a devious glint in her eyes. She uncrossed her legs and rose to her feet, and it seemed almost as if she were materialising out of thin air. Her dark brown hair was pulled into an immaculate chignon at the nape of her neck, heavy eyeliner accentuated her blue eyes. She was pale, like a porcelain doll, but Dornan knew if he threw her, she wouldn't break.

He looked down at her hand, a glass of Scotch clutched loosely in perfectly manicured fingers. He looked at her vacant blue eyes and clenched his jaw tightly. Not even 10 a.m. and she was halfway to drunk. No wonder their businesses were losing money. She used to be so reliable. This morning drinking was new. And it annoyed the ever-living shit out of Dornan.

She didn't speak, just raised her perfectly groomed eyebrows in question.

'Come here,' he said, taking her elbow.

'Baby!' she protested, trying to pull away. 'Your father wants a meeting with us. Can't this wait?'

'Don't fucking question me, woman,' he spat, wrenching the glass from her hand and slamming it down on a sideboard. Amber-coloured liquid sloshed onto the timber and he shook his wet hand, irritated.

Bella knew better than to keep going, and she shut up. Dornan dragged her over to the bed and pushed her down roughly. As she righted herself, he stepped over and slammed the door, locking it for effect. He didn't really care if anyone came in and saw what was about to happen, but he wanted Bella to know that she was not welcome to leave until he was done with her. She got off on that shit.

'I missed you, baby,' she said, slightly slurring her words as he stalked over to the bed. He pulled her to the edge and let the towel around his waist drop to the ground. Bella's eyes went round as a dick was shoved at her face, and Dornan felt a glimmer of satisfaction at the power he wielded over his pretty, but slightly unhinged employee.

Mariana. Tough Girl.He needed to get her out of his mind.

'Open your mouth,' he said, taking his dick and pressing it against her lips.

Bella drew back, smiling. 'This is how we said goodbye. Isn't it my turn?' She thrust her hips up at him. 'I'm bare for you, baby.'

'Bella!' he roared. He was not in the mood to go on a pussy expedition. Not with Bella, anyway.

She snapped her watery eyes to his and seemed to realise he wasn't fucking around. Her smile turned to a lustful gaze, and without hesitation, she moved her face closer again and opened her mouth enough just to let the tip of his painfully hard cock graze past her teeth.

Impatience peaked inside Dornan's chest. She should have known better than to tease him.

'I said open your mouth, not brush your teeth with my dick.' He grabbed her shoulder and dug his fingers in hard, making her moan around his cock as she opened her mouth a little more.

'Open wider,' he instructed her. 'Take it all.' He gripped the sides of her head and wrenched up, forcing his hips forward so that she gagged violently.

But it still wasn't enough. He withdrew suddenly, letting his cock bounce out of her mouth. He patted her absent-mindedly on the head as she retched and giggled, her throat probably rubbed raw by his need. Not that he cared. The rougher he was, the faster she got off.

Theirs was a strange arrangement.

'On your back,' he said. 'Hurry up.'

Just want to tear her apart.

When she didn't move immediately, he grabbed a handful of her dark hair and yanked. She moaned. 'Alright, alright!'

He pushed her onto her back and crawled on top of her. With his taut muscles and measured movements, he was the perfect predator, but he didn't want this insipid bitch who was panting beneath him to be his prey.

He wanted Mariana. Beneath him, writhing and begging for his touch, his name on her lips, as he fucked her raw.

Bella was wearing a tight pencil skirt, the ones that normally drove him crazy with desire. Half the pleasure was in the thrill of the chase; in trying to hitch it up far enough to spread her legs and get access to what was beneath that see-through lace thong. He was a man who enjoyed a challenge.

'What the hell has gotten into you?' she asked, desire in her heavy lidded eyes. That made him laugh. She must have thought him mad — and she hadn't even seen the blood on his hands that had started all of this enraged excitement in the first place.

Ana has gotten into me. And I need to get her out.

He ripped Bella's cornflower blue silk blouse open, sending buttons flying everywhere. Below, her pale flesh and small tits underwhelmed him. What he really wanted was to see that light bronze skin and heaving rack that he'd just feasted his eyes upon in the basement.

Bella just wasn't doing it for him.

He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth anyway, the feeling of her in his mouth completely disappointing. She hitched her skirt up higher and took his hand, guiding it between her legs.

He laughed and smacked her hand away. In that moment, he didn't care about her pleasure. In that moment, she existed for his pleasure.

He wrenched her legs apart, pushing them as wide as they would go, and pushed her panties to the side, positioning himself at her entrance. She was already wet for him. Yeah, she liked this shit; the rougher he was, the more excited she got. They suited each other just fine.

He drove into her as hard as he could, enjoying the way her breath caught in her throat and how her eyes seemed to almost pop under the pressure of him inside her. As he set a steady rhythm, it felt good, but something wasn't right. Apart from the obvious — she wasn't the woman he was eager to fuck the life out of right now.

Her hands found his and suddenly she was guiding them to her neck. 'Choke me, baby.'

He indulged her; as his large palms pressed around her throat, she started to thrust her hips up harder to match his rough strokes.

No matter what he did to this woman, it didn't faze her. The more brutal he was, the faster she got off, and the more she wanted to go again five minutes later. She was unique. She was insatiable. But right now, she was dull.

He pushed harder. But still, it wasn't enough.

Then he saw the pillow beside Bella's head. He leaned over her pale body and took the pillow, pressing it over her face before she could protest.

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She struggled beneath the pillow, but her strength was no match for his, and the pillow muffled her yells. Soon, she stopped struggling, and as he drove harder inside her, her yells turned to lust-filled — albeit muffled — moans. He pressed down on the pillow, not enough to render her unconscious, but enough to make her head spin in circles while he pretended she was somebody else.

Yes. That was much, much better. He picked up his pace, thrusting into her relentlessly, spurred on by Bella's wildly enthusiastic response and the image of Mariana's smooth bronze skin.

As she clenched tighter around him, Dornan lost it, shuddering violently as he came.

He withdrew, cleaning himself off with the towel as Bella rearranged her skirt and attempted to re-button her ruined shirt with the few buttons that still held onto the material.

He should have been satisfied, but he wasn't. He needed more. He needed her.

'That was fucking amazing,' Bella said, stretching out on the bed. 'You must have missed me, baby.'

He looked to the ceiling and bit his tongue; he hadn't missed the insolent bitch one single bit.

'Aren't you late for a fuckin' meeting?' he asked, glaring at her. She pressed her lips together and kissed the air that separated them. 'I love you too, baby,' she cooed, sashaying out of the room with her ruined shirt clutched tight around her.

He shook his head. She was insane.

Thank fuck he wasn't alone in that regard.


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