Venomous Return: Lady Temptress Vixen
27 Dinner Date part 1
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Venomous Return: Lady Temptress Vixen
Author :Aetherayneblack
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27 Dinner Date part 1

@@After spending her time making herself look presentable, Cyllene watched her image from the mirror and smiled, feeling satisfied, she grabbed the LV purse Cyde gave her and went out, spotting the man fully engrossed on tying his stupid tie.

She leaned on the wall watching him with feigned interest. After a while the man got annoyed and childishly threw the poor tie on the floor. He was a neat freak but his impatience weighed more.

Amused by the man's attitude, Cyllene walked to his side and helped him. She tied it carefully for him to see and learn. Living with Emma, the housekeeper of the General's residence, she was taught things like this.

Cyde ignored her busy hands and watched the faint smile on her lips. He does not know when this all began, he just thought that opening himself up to this with her wont hurt anything.

"See? you have to have patience Cy'' she chuckled and patted the nonexistent dirt on his suit. Cyde feeling annoyed just released a grunt and kissed her forehead. It has been an unspoken thing for them that they both started to treat each other more than an acquaintance does. Kissing her forehead, kissing cheeks, cuddling and doting on each other, were the things that they did. Even though they haven't finalized what their relationship is, they both agreed unknowingly to just go with the flow. And as good as it is, snogging and taking it further, was the only thing they haven't done. It was just that, they both feel comfortable and like each other's company. They agree with things and both are cool with what they have.

If you even look at them in a view of as passerby-which indeed what you are, you will see them as a young husband and wife.

Cyde grabbed her hands, intertwining their fingers and then went out of his mansion. He prepared a lot for this date and was unwilling to let it go to waste.



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