Witch Category: Other
1 Chapter 1: New Arrival Cameron
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Witch Category: Other
Author :Wendigo2
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1 Chapter 1: New Arrival Cameron

Monday. What a great day to start the new school year. What else is there to expect from a school that doesn't have morals?

I was walking with my sister. Luckily, my new school was right next the hers so I can wait for her when she gets out. Because of course, I booking it after the bell.

I looked down at her, she had decided to wear one of her bug themed getups. She noticed me looking and scowled at me, then sending a sharp "What?" my way.

"Nothing, Roxy." I said nonchalantly, "I was just thinking about how cool it is that our schools are next to each other."

"Ugh!" She groaned in displeasure. I looked at her in confusion and she elaborated on her intelligent response. "You always embarrass me when you pick me up! Why can't you let me walked by myself?"

   "If I did that, I wouldn't be a good older brother." I had said with a knowing smirk. It's always fun to embarrass your sister in public. "Besides, mom wanted me to-"

   I was suddenly pushed past harshly as a tall body ran in between me and Roxy, screaming.

I fell against the wood fence with a gasp and Roxy fell back onto the pavement. She started screaming at him to watch where he was going, though it didn't seem like he was listening.

   Another kid ran past us, way taller with really long hair. Like extremely long hair. He yelled some apologies to us before yelling at the other jackass, apparently named Lester.

   I huffed and stood up straight, reaching down to help my sister up. "What the hell.." I said exasperated.

  "If you see those kids again today, do me a favor and beat their asses. More so the lanky one." Roxy said, patting the dirt off her clothes.

   A few minutes later, we were at the front gates of Dragongale's School for Witches, one of the best school in my area. I looked up at the amazingly tall and large school. It was very clean and pretty, just like a college for normal people but way older looking. It looked like this place hasn't been redesign in decades, besides the occasional fix up I suppose.

  After parting ways with Roxy, I walked into the wide open front door to be greeted by a giant lobby, bustling with people. A woman greeted me, obviously the vice principal.

   "Hello young man!" She said with a raspy but "delightful" voice.  "What's your last name?"

   "Laith." I said shortly, too distracted by the strange curve of this lady's nose.

   "Ah! Welcome, Cameron! We have already evaluated you magic type!" She said, now with a strange edge in her voice, like a... condescending edge.

   "Okay, well, where do I fit in?" I said with my politest voice in the current situation.

   "Other." She said simply. Her eyes were looking at me like I was inferior.

   I looked up to the chart of types above the office, showing all the types and a map to where the classroom for each one are.

   Other... I couldn't see that one. "Pardon me, miss..." I looked at her badge. "-Prinkle, but I don't see other up there..." I pointed at the chart.

   She forced out a laugh, "I assure you it is! If you must, go get a closer look and then get your schedule."

   I was getting a strong negative vibe out of this situation. I walked as close to the chart as I could without cutting in line and furrowed my brows as anger overtook me.

   There was an other sign up there. It was on a plant of wood drawn in marker, nailed bellow the chart with the six other types.

   My blood was boiling by now. I know what this is. Some sort of discrimination against this "other" category. Why do the teachers hate them-... us so much?

   Suddenly I heard yelling and cursing coming from the other side of the room. People started circling around whatever was happening. I forced my way through to see what was going on.

   A girl was being held back by a really pale kid as she was thrashing and yelling. The person she was yelling at seemed to be this girl that was laughing with her friends.

   Then, for some reasons, the guy decided it would be a good idea to let her go and she fucking bolted at them. She started by throwing a mean punch at the main bitch, landing it in her stomach. Interestingly enough, the punch caused her to literally go flying. She went flying past her friends and into the crowd, knocking some kids over.

   I looked at that pale guy as she started attacking the main bitch's friends. "Are you just gunna stand there?!" I yelled. He just looked at me with this blank stare. I'm already boiling, why not loosen up by stopping this girl from mauling these poor side whores.

  I stepped in and immediately started shifting. My mother is a shifter, she can turn into whatever she wants. I never knew my dad but my mom said that he could change everything about himself to look like a different person. That must be where I get this from.

   I shifted into a big ass muscle dude, probably looking weird with my half-shaven blonde hair. I got big enough so that I can at least stop this girl. I picked her up by the waist. I was afraid she was going to start hacking at me also, but she just looked at me in surprise.

   I turned around to look at that guy, his face unchanging.

   "Dude, if you're going to hold her back, hold her back," I said hotly, putting her down next to him. She whirled around to watch as I shifted back into my normal body. She was obviously amazing.

   "How'd you do that?!" She said loudly, "That was fuckin' amazing!"

  "Macie!!" I heard her. That condescending voice. When she came into view she saw us and then a few girls crying with bruises faces and... broken bones..

   "All three of you, to the principals' office!!" She pointed to the door it between the two secretary's office's.

   Turns out she was going to escort us anyway, because she immediately went to grab me and Macie's arms. Macie immediately started yelling and protesting and I was just yelling to say I stopped the fight. Her hands were almost as old as her face, and the long nails gripped us hard. She almost through us into the principals' office when we got there. She started explaining what happened very loudly. Apparently it's a crime to stop a fight.

   "Alright Miss. Prinkle, calm down. I understand." The principal turned in his seat. Now I know why the whole room was glowing orange. The principal was completely engulfed in flames.

   "Please, all of you take a seat. Miss. Prinkle, go check to see if those girls are alright." I'm like 90% sure they are not, but okay.

   "Yes, Mr. Pyr." She left immediately, her voice soundly like it was said through gritting teeth. We all took a seat, the chairs burning hot.

   "Mr. Pyr, those girls were bullying me!" Said Macie in her loud voice, "They called me a cow, and fat, and-"

   "Macie, you've been here several times for the same reason." The principal said, "Ever since you started coming here last year, you have been getting into fights, rebelling, and yelling at teachers."

   "Mr. Pyr, I can assure you that Macie only attacks when attacked." Said the pale kid beside Macie.

   "Nibale, you were holding Macie back at first, and then deliberately let her go." Said the principal, having pulled up the security cameras. "And then Cameron stepped in the stop her."

   "He didn't do anything-" Macie was saying in a very angry voice, but was cut off.

   "Nibale wasn't helping the situation. You should know better than to put the blame on anyone but yourselves."

   "Mr. Pyr, if I could step in." I started as politely as possible. "I don't see how I did anything wrong. I just stopped what could've been worse."

   "And I am grateful for that. Next time, though, just let a teacher handle it."

   Once out of the principals' office, Macie and I were fuming. Nibale was neutral, as ever. The only difference might be that his brows were furrowed slightly. Mildly annoyed looks towards the office confirmed that he was, in fact, kinda upset.

   No one was in the lobby, which meant they were at the entrance ceremony. Either that or they were at the magic exam.

Walking through the halls, I noticed a... window? It was shaped like a window, but it seemed to just be one of those full wall fish tanks. I don't see any fish, though, so maybe-

Suddenly a fucking mer person swims up. A real life mermaid. I thought it was a girl at first, but in reality, it was a guy with really long hair. I stopped when he waved to us. As I waved back, he held up a sign that said "you're late." I shrugged and it seemed like he was kinda frustrated when I did that.

I smiled and waved at him goodbye and he waved back. As I continued to walk, I couldn't help but think about what type of place this is.

"So... Macie, was it?" I asked as I caught up with the two others.

"The one and only." She replied, still steaming from the meeting with the principal. Not to mention her boyfriend look not too happy as well.

"You've been here for two years, right?" I said shyly, not used to talking to someone so energized. "What's it like here?"

"The teachers hate the others." She said with so much animosity, I was about to duck and cover. "They treat us like shit."

"Macie.." Said her blue skinned boyfriend, Nibale. What a joke, he can't control her one bit.

"It true!" She said loudly, turning to look at him. "Those girls were calling me fat and all that and I'M the one that gets in trouble."

"Well... besides that..." I said, trying to steer away from the fight. "Is this place all that the teachers make it out to be?"

"You could say that." She said a little more quietly. "They got mermaids, fairies, and some creatures, too. But they all work for the school."

Nibale nodded his head and I looked at him with a look I'm sure anyone could tell was from confusion. That guy just can't stick up for himself.

"And they always say the same thing and the Widower. 'Don't talk to the Widower, bleh, bleh, bleh!'" She said in a mocking voice. "Oh yeah, there's this God in the chapel called the widower. She's pretty cool."

What is going on?


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