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2 Chapter 2: Pretty Boy Lester
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Witch Category: Other
Author :Wendigo2
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2 Chapter 2: Pretty Boy Lester

Sittin' behind this girl is givin' me a headache. She's a fuckin' clown or somethin', but she ain't funny at all! She jus' keeps makin' dumb fuckin' knock-knock jokes and laughing at herself. Lord of all others, please save from this purga-...

Well, hello, pretty face, I thought to myself. That must be the new freshman. What's her name? Cammy?

Whatever her name is, she is hot! She hasn't even face me yet but I'm too busy looking at her legs. I tap Dwayne behind me.

"Brother, look at that one!" I whisper to him. I'm pretty sure he looks 'cause then he makes a confused noise.

"Macie?" He says, "I thought you were done going after her, bud." He seems kinda worried, which is nice and all, but there are important matters at hand!

"No! The blonde girl with her! Half shaven head!" I whisper back aggressively. Obviously the rebel punk girl.

He doesn't answer me at first, but I don't mind 'cause I'm still staring.

"... You mean Cameron?"

I stop dead in my tracks. Whom?

"C-Cameron? As in.." at that moment, the devil turns and.. it's a guy...

Silence follows. Neither of us say a thing. After a moment, I lay my head down on the desk. My own stupid ass betrayed me.

I felt Dwayne pat my back. I make an embarrassed sound, trying to tell him that I need no consultation, just sulking.

"It's okay, bud, no need to feel ashamed about it. Lots of guys are attracted to other guys." He says, the absolute most amazing but oblivious friend. I groan at him.

The desk directly beside me is suddenly taken. I turn my head to look and it's Cameron. Why God?! Is this for steali'g Rosie's sandwich this mornin'?! Fine, I'll make her a new one...

I angrily turn away from him, hearin' myself huff and puff about it. I hardly care, though, everyone can listen to my huffs!

"Good morning class!"

Oh good, exams startin' now.

"I would like to welcome all of our freshmen joining this year!" Says Mrs. Norte, being her stout and dainty self. She points to the board where there must be some kinda instructions.

"This year, your magic exams will be presenting format. Which means that you all with stand in front of the entire school and present your powers!" She says some more stuff, but I got the gist of it.

Instead, I make a tiny eyeball appear on my desk and allow it to float over to Macie. She hates this so much.

From the corner of my eye, I watch as the tiny eyeball sneakily floats under her desk, ready to surprise her any second. About five seconds later, I hear a high-pitched yelp and desk scooting.

"Lester!" She yells, then promptly smacks me in the head.

"Ow! My chrome!" I said loudly, "What'd you do that for?!"

"You know what you did, blimp head!" She tried to smack me once more but was stopped by a grey hand. Oh Jesus!

I jumped from my seat as I noticed Nibale looking down at me with a eye piercing glare. That guy gives me the creeps..

"Come now, everyone. Does there really need to be another physical altercation today?" Mrs. Norte says, my lord and savior.

"Y-Yeah! No need for that!" I laugh nervously and sit back down. The other two sit back down and Cameron noticeably gives me a tired and annoyed look. Oh, shut up, you twink.

Suddenly, everything is quiet again. What is-

Oh. Wait.

"Did I say that out loud?" I said nervously, offering Cameron a less than confident smile. He was glaring at me now, huffing just like how I was.

"Yes. You did." He said with venom, "But I have to say that you are more of a twink than me. Especially with that pink hair."

"It's not pink! It's strawberry blonde! Get it right, emo punk!" I yell, slamming my fists onto my desk.

"Okay, Lester lets calm down before you do something stupid." Dwayne said calmly, hair twitching noticeably.

"How about we go ahead and step outside Lester." Says my betrayer, Mrs. Norte. "Cameron, you too. Macie needs time to cool down, and besides, I want to talk to her without anyone else present."

While outside in the hall, me and Cameron were forced to sit on the ground with our shoulders touching. I don't know why Mrs, Norte is out for me today, but this is seriously embarrassing.

"Lester, you know you're not allowed to use magic in class."

"Oh come one, Mrs, Norte! I already-"

"No," she cuts me off. She waved her wand and a detention slip appears in front of me, quill and all. "Both if you are going to be assigned detention for disruptive behavior and mud slinging. I do hope that the time I'm giving you outside of class will allow you to realize mistakes."

As she was about to leave with our signed detention slip, Cameron got her attention, "Wait! Are we sitting like this for the whole class time?"

Oh dear lord. "Yes, Cameron." She puffs her wavy hair. "I want you two to become better acquainted." She smiles and went back into the classroom.

After a moment of silence, Cameron said, "Has it always been like this?"


"Oh lord."

After class, me and Dwayne met back up.

"How was your time with lover boy?" He asked me teasingly.

"Oh shut up! We just had small talk, we're fine." I crossed my arms as I walked down the hall. "I'm not a twink. I'm taller than that fuckin' boy!"

Next class is Mrs. Weiss, who I'm guessing is going to be telling us how to present. We walk in and luckily, Rosemary is there.

"Sissy!" I yell, catching her attention.

She turns and beams at me. "Lester!" She runs over to me and hugs me, which I return. Then she pinches my cheek. "You stole my sandwich!"

"Ow! I know! I'm sorry!" I plead, begging for mercy.

Then she turns her attention to Dwayne. "Oh, hey, Dwayne!" She says with lilt in her voice. "I-I didn't see you there.."

At her shy tone, Dwayne smiles and takes her hand. He leans down to kiss it lightly. "Hello, fair maiden."

She almost swoons a bit.

"Y'all are fuckin' gross." I pointed out as I sat down next to where Rosemary was.

"YOU are fucking gross!" She exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at me. She moves to sit back down, long red hair swaying behind her. Similarly, Dwayne's long ass hair drags behind him on the dirty floor.

"I'm going to go talk to the Widower today. You guys should come with me!" She said to me and Dwayne.

The Widower is this pale lady in the back of the library. She works in there. She speaks in tongues or somethin'. I can't ever understand her.

"Sure, why not." I say, "You lookin' for cryptic wisdom, Rosie?"

"Kind of. I just want to see what my horoscope for today is." She flips her hair and combs through it with her fingers.

Rumor has it that The Widower knows almighty truths and secrets. In reality, she only knows about 48 hours ahead. I know 'cause me and Rosie go talk with her a lot, even though we are told not to.

"Why do you even need that information? Why can't you live your life without knowing the days secrets?" I ask aggressively. I'm a bit skeptical about that lady. Somethins' off about her...

"Well, I can, but-"

Suddenly the door to the closet bursts open. Oh god, there she is.

"Silence!" Yells the wicked witch, Ms. Weiss. Her broomstick ready in hand, she stalks across the room. "Now, children, today you will be learning what to put as the content of your presentation." Why does she have to be so wordy?!

"As an introduction, you must start off with an explanation and then an example. To see what I mean." She clears her throat. "My abilities consist of light distortion and manipulation."

She turns to her desk, where a "Number 1 Sister" mug is sitting and just points at it, turning it black. She turned in back to its normal self a moment later.

"This, in my best opinion, is the most informative and quick way to do an introduction to your presentation. Any questions?"

A girl to left in front of me raises her hand.

"Yes, Isabella?" Ms, Weiss says heatedly, as if she didn't just ask for questions.

"Um, w-what if..." she starts of timidly, "What if your magic is kinda... dumb.."

"How so, child?" She says annoyed but patient.

"I-" Suddenly she coughs up confetti, it going almost everywhere in front of her. "... I breathe out confetti..."

After that class and then the next, we finally get to have midway break. I was going to find Rosie again after getting lunch, but I couldn't find her. Instead, I went to go sit with Dwayne, who was with that new boy, Macie, and Nibale. Shivers.

"Hey, y'all," I greeted.

"Hey bud," said Dwayne, "where's Rosemary?"

"I'm offended that she's the one you are most worried about." I say, taking a bite from hard pizza.

"I heard you already had to go sit in Weiss' class for an hour," Said Macie, who seems to be in a good mood, "Did it go any better than last year?"

"Did Dwayne tell you about the confetti girl? That was pretty funny. I felt bad for her, though. Nice girl." I explained, feeling myself giggling in an embarrassingly girly manner.

Cameron looked at me weird, "No he did not. Care to explain?"

I looked back at him with a grin, "Ms. Weiss called on her 'cause she had her hand up, right? She was like 'What if my magic is dumb?'" As I explained, the three others' brows went straight up.

"No way." Macie exclaimed.

"How is she alive?" Said Cameron in bewilderment, "How many times do you think she's choked on her own coughs?"

"Beats me, man." I said, noticing I didn't have milk. I made a normal sized hand appear and made it go get me one. "I bet when her parents saw confetti after her coughing as a baby for the first time, they were pretty concerned."

"Lester, I think you freaked Cameron out." Dwayne said. I looked up and saw Cameron looking at me kinda funny.

"What the hell was that thing? A floating hand?" He asked, just as the hand came back with a milk carton.

"Oh, this is my magic." I said, snatching the milk and making the hand poof away.

"That's... interesting." He said. I smiled at him smugly, knowing that I'm OP as fuck.


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