the saiyan in naruto
3 Chaper 3
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the saiyan in naruto
Author :Theknightoftheshad
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3 Chaper 3

I used instant transmission to teleport us away from kanoha miles away from kanoha in the middle of a wide landscape

Me and Naruko were sitting across from each other Chris cross style similar to Gohan and Videl when she first used her ki

I putt up a barrier around the forest

"alright do you remember when my brother gohan did to teach videl"

she nodded

I grinned

"good now that you've been reborn I think your body is good enough to use ki especially sense you haven't unlocked chakra yet so It won't kill you "

she nodded again and closed her eyes searching deep inside her self she finally found it

a white milky aura surrounded her and the ground started shaking

she opened her eyes which started to glow blue with power

"HAAAAAAAH" a shockwave occured as the ground started to shake

"AHHHHHHHH" she stopped screaming and smirked at me

she disappeared and reappeared in front of me I smirked as I blocked a punch with my arm creating a small crater she punched again with a different arm making the crater larger

we disappeared and reappeared repeatedly throwing out punches and kicks at each other

"I got you" Naruko smirked as she appeared behind me in attempt to neck chop me uncouncious

{unbelievable we had just started and she already has control of her power} I thought before I smirked and fazed away making her stumble forward she was then kicked in the back sending her crash landing to the ground

"darn it" She gritted her teeth as she glared at me

"don't you know that it's rude to hit a lady"

I just smirked

"come on... don' t tell me thats all you've got... I haven't even warmed up yet"

She growled her features became more feral, her nails became larger, as her eyes turned to slits ,and her aura got more wilder

my smirk grew

Roku:"now thats more like it "

Naruko:"her I go" crouched down and leaped at me

I put up my guard and now was ready


5 months later

Our training was complete and me and naruko were heading back to kanoha on my flying nimbus Im surprised that they have this here

this is what Naruko looks like Now

Me I stayed the same I just had xeno gokus clothing on along with the power pole attached to my back

I was excited I can;t wait to see the look on everybodies faces when they see my wife thats right wife I proposed to her after we saved wave country a month ago she said yes and now the uzumaki is now son,son Naruko has a nice ring to it don't you think

any way surprisingly the training only took a 2 months she mastered the kiao ken but she could only go to level 1

she also learned how to convert her ki to use as jutsu chi as they call it she managed to learn shadowclones and the transformation jutsu she also learned a lot of other techniques including her fathers famous jutsu and her mothers chakra chains or ki chains in this case

she could also sense emotions with her ki not strong enough to sense mine but strong enough for anybody else on this pathetic planet

one we got there the two gaurds were staring at my wife with drool coming out of their mouth

I glared at them making them snapp out of their daze

"HALT state your buisness"

"Izumo Kamizuki, ‎Kotetsu Hagane don't tell me you don't recognize me?"Naruko asked as pouted dramatically I rolled my eyes

they grew confused untill they spotted the whisker-marks on each cheeks their eyes widen in shock

Naru~ chan they asked shocked she nodded and grinned making them blush

"can we speak to the hokage please this guy is with me" she said as she grabbed my arm they glared at me in envy I glared back at them my eyes flashing teal making them flinch and scramble to their seats

I was punched lightly in the shoulder

"down boy"

Naruko smirked as I growled at her before I released a sigh

"can...can we just see the hokage please"

Snapping out of their shock shock izumo spoke

"yeah sure the guards well escort you there just don't try anything funny" he said looking at me suspiciously I ignored him

Naruko squeezed my arm tighter as we walked into the village

as we were walking through the village we were getting a lot of stares the females were staring at me while the men where staring at Naruko their was a little bit of both sides staring at us which creep ed us both out we decided to hurry up to the office


meanwhile with the hokage

sarutobi was doing paperwork when the door was kicked open startling him

"whose there" he yelled getting in a stance

"awe come on don't tell me you don't recognize me sarutobi~ jiji"

{there's only one person that call's me that}he got a closer look at the figure he noticed he started to blush at the sight of a beautiful women but when his eyes landed on a certain part of her face he stumbled back in shock

"N-naru~Chan" he asked hesitantly

she nodded and sarutobi rushed up to her and hugged her "

I'm sorry, i'm sorry" She stood their in shock before she sighed

"it's fine I forgive you" she replied as she checked his energy and could tell it is sincere he nodded and smiled before returning to his desk

"it's great to see you again Naru chan but I have a couple of questions, how are you alive, where have you been, and who is that guy standing next to you holding your hand and how are you so... different ? he asked blushing at her looks looking at me suspiciously

she chuckled nervously as she rubbed the back of her head while I leaned on the wal crossed my arms and closed my eyes

"its a long story"

Sarutobi glanced at the clock before glancing back at her

"I got time"

"well It started like this...."


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