Shopping tips for Military Personnel Wrist Watches

military men watchMilitary grade watches are a bit different from the normal everyday watches we see dangling on the wrist of our friends and colleagues at work. Military watches are a little more special because they comes with some extra cool features that enable military as well as army personnel to accomplished different task like surveillance. So if you are a military personnel in need of some guidelines for finding just the right military watch for your use then you have come to right spot. In the following paragraphs, we will be sharing some tips that others have found helpful in finding cool tactical watches.

The Crystal – different watches comes with different grade of crystal ranging from the fragile ones like plastic to the tougher and superior ones like the sapphire glass. When choosing a timepiece for a military personnel, you really one to stick with the ones that are tougher so that it won’t crack, break or scratch easily when either mistakenly dropped on the floor or rubbed against coarse and hard surfaces.

The Strap – since military personnel are usually exposed to different harsh weather conditions that at times can be rough and friendly at all to some delicate watches, it is recommended that you always go for the watches that comes fitted with resin rubber bands rather that the ones with the leather or chain straps. Resin rubber is ideal because not only are the flexible, they are also very cheap and easy to replace should there be need to get a replacement.

The Face – there is no rock science or laid down rules to adhere to when it comes to choosing watch face designs. But different faces seems to work better in different occasions. In our previous post, we talked a bit about the different watch face designs commonly available. Today, we would like to be more clear and precise by stating that a combination digital plus analogue is a perfect choice for military watches.

That’s all for today. You can check out the top watches under 200 dollars resource page for more comprehensive tips and hints for finding high quality wrist watches.

Simple tricks to Safe time when Shopping for wrist watches

The truth is everybody wants to save time and do things faster and quickly within the shortest time possible. What would you say if I told you that there is a way of cutting corners when it comes to finding premium quality watches that look super classy without costing much? I don’t know about you but some other folks would literally begged to be let in on this simple watch shopping tricks. The good news is you don’t actually have to be on your knees before I let you on this little tricks that I have been taking advantage of over a period of more than 5 months to easily and swiftly uncover some of the industry best 500 dollars watches. All you have to do is continue reading as I will be sharing them in the following paragraphs below.

Make a list before visiting your favorite jewel shop

It all begins with making a list! With a list in your hand, you will be amazed at the amount of time you will save and not waste by constantly wondering from one watch showcase box to another trying to make up your mind on what you think will suite well on your wrist.

Having said that, the next logical question you are probably wondering is; make a list of what? Nice question! The list that you will be making will simply be the list features you fancy in a watch.

First, do you like a chain, leather or a rubber watch strap? Different people feel a certain comfort level with the different watch straps just mentioned and you my friend needs to find which one it is that you usually feel more comfortable wearing even before you hit the road that leads to your favorite jewelry shops. Secondly, you will want to take a moment and pen down which watch design face that you fancy wearing and reading time off. Here, you have the option of choosing between a digital vs. analogue or a combination of the two. From my own point of view, analogue is ideal when the occasion is formal and semi-formal while a digital watch face work wells on casual outings with friends and during your walk out periods in the gym as well.